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Trigger Reset Problem


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I have a G-35 with with a RS trigger kit + Wolf Connector + Original Glock trigger spring and a 13 ISMI recoil spring. I've been running this setup for about 4-5 months and have had it for about 5-6 months before that with a Glock 3.5lb connector. Recently I started having occasional reset problems. When it first started occurring I had replaced my trigger spring with a new one. This one has no more than 400-500 rounds on it. Yesterday I had shot a local match - five stages and about 150 rounds or so. Gun ran fine most of the day but on one stage I had a failure to reset - twice on two consecutive shots.

I am at a real loss at how to trace this problem. The problem is so rare that it is nearly impossible to judge if a part swap has any effect.

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I had the same problem with the reset not happening or taking .5 second to happen. I replaced the striker-safety spring (that works the button in the slide). When it gets weak, the reset doesn't happen correctly.

Worked for me.

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Thanks for responses everyone.

I am sure the trigger spring is not broken. I checked it right after the stage when I had the problem and it is fine.

I have not adjusted the striker spring at all, however I have not replaced it in a while - probably 10K+ rounds

Same with the striker safety spring - no adjustments since installation but have not been replaced in over 10K rounds.

Both of these came with RS trigger kit.

I suppose I should start with one of these two springs and replace it with OEM. If the problem still occurs I'll go with the other one. The only difficulty is that since the problem is intermittent, I can not know for sure that it is fixed.


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I started having similar problems with a RS trigger kit a while back and spring changes didn't solve the problem. I had about one year's use on the trigger. Changed to a Vanek kit and chalked it off to parts wear. YMMV.


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