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  1. I find some of the comments surprising given the nature of this forum. Why complain that PJD did not build all the parts of the bike or built less parts than JJ? Why complain that PJD's bike can not be ridden cross country (as if the torture device constructed by JJ could be)? Do you shoot stages in "in the spirit of the intent" or according to WSB? And it is not even a given that any of these things were ever "in the spirit of the intent". Maybe they were in JJs mind, but I doubt the producers of the show would agree and they are the ones writing the "stage briefing". Furthermore, do
  2. Anything that comes to mind would get the thread closed.
  3. I agree Nick. The comment about getting tips to go faster was funny. But in the same situation, I would not try to change my technique. Recently I had something pointed to me before the match that I thought was a very sound advice. I still shot the match with no changes and then went home to practice the new technique. The way this thing is edited it is hard to be sure, but it seemed to me that both of the shooters were going pretty slow in the elimination challenge. Looked like you did not need to be a Dave Sevigny or JJ to pick up at least a couple of plates each time. Incredible me
  4. Unless things changed a great deal over the last decade, a couple of ropes, shoes, harness, a full rack with plenty of active cams and a few odds and ends is less than what I spend on ammo every year. As to the subject at hand, do we really need to rehash this discussion with all of the same arguments yet again? Production is one of the most popular divisions that we have. There is absolutely no reason to change it.
  5. Is 45" spring really needed? At 10" or even 15" longer than the magazine, wouldn't a 40" be sufficient?
  6. Should I cut the new spring to the same number of coils as the old one - given that it used to work. Or should I go longer - given that it stopped working? Is there consistency in Nordic's springs?
  7. I've had my M1 with a Nortic extension for about 2 years now. Never had any problems with it. All of a sudden this weekend it stopped feeding the last round. The shell comes out of the magazine but does not go all the way back onto the shell carrier. Instead it sits all the way forward on the shell carrier just out of the magazine. Tried it at home with dummy rounds and it was doing it on the last two shells. Perhaps the force of recoil gives a bit of an assist so it works a bit better in live fire. In any case I took out the magazine spring and stretched it out a bit. Now the everythi
  8. Thanks Brian. I'll start playing around with springs after I shoot Area 8.
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone. I will experiment with varous approaches and see where that gets me.
  10. I appreciate the advice and the offer and I will certainly try it, but it would seem that this is something I should be able to handle through technique and not via equipment.
  11. I am running a 13LB spring on a G-35 - shooting minor (around 135PF)
  12. Here is what I see when I am shooting - First sights lift up from the POA. Then they come back down and dip past the POA. Lift up a little higher than the POA and then finally settle on the POA. If I wait for the sights to completely settle I can effortlessly shoot a pretty tight group at 10 yards. But my splits are in .3-.35 range. If I try to go faster than that the group starts spreading vertically. What is the correct approach here? Should I: A. Strive to eliminate the "oscillation"? If so do I need to consciously adjust my grip/stance to do this or do I simply continue practici
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7-Q-PkeO94&playnext=1&videos=At8AePvZ9vA&feature=grec_index
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