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Interesting Shooting Stance..


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We hosted "The Fight" Force on Force Scenerios conducted by Tactical Response at our shop this weekend. The training is conducted with UTM converted firearms. UTM is a sub-caliber paintball type round that uses a dual primer system to propel the projectile and cycle the action. The UTM cartridges are rim fire and the guns use different barrels and some other pieces that prevent the firing of live ammunition.

Here's the most interesting picture from the class, it was taken early on. When people are running around trading shots, you see them do some interesting stuff.


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What were the conditions leading up to the "interesting shooting stance"... was there some sort of scripted scenario?

What sort of firearms experience do the two gentlemen in the scenario have?


Mark Kruger

This was one of the first drills, it wasn't a scenerio...at the Fight command, draw and fire and hit your opponent without getting hit, you were free to run and move around as much as you liked. The purpose was to simply acclimate people to using the UTM converted guns, and show them how challenging it can be to move and shoot and hit a moving threat that is shooting back at you.

The taller of the two on one foot has substantial tactical firearms training experience, and years ago was ranked as an A Class USPSA shooter (he has been out of the game for several years). By far he consistently did the best throughout the class in the way he handled the scenerios and thought the most outside the box, at times going offensive against the bad guys throwing them off balance. He did comment at the end of the class that he didn't use his sights for most of the scenerios, he simply indexed over the slide. He made good hits...he drilled me in the chest several times and once in the head.

The shorter guy on the right has some limited competition experience, I've seen him at a few local multi-gun matches. Not sure what if, any tactical firearms experience he had prior to the class.

I took the course back in September and it was by far the most valuable training I have ever taken. If you carry a gun you need FoF training.

Some videos:




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I guess those fundamentals go right out the window once you have been hit by those paintballs a few hundred times.

It was actually the opposite...the first drill was in part to get them used to getting shot at. Once they became more acclimated to it, most people shot as well as you would expect them to.

Some people did stick with a propper shooting stance from the beginning

couple more pics:



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