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  1. Storage in hot environments and rapid fire are both equally capable of making the free float tubes too hot to hold comfortably, reducing the shooter’s effectiveness. The Stop Heat TransFer Wrap attaches around the 9” to 15” aluminum free float tube on your AR15 rifle to reduce heat transfer to the shooters hand. The rifle can be handled normally after storage inside a hot vehicle and during rapid firing of multiple magazines. The SHTF+ Features thermal insulating material for even more extreme use (not recommended for use on silencers/suppressor directly). Reduce wear bracing on barricades in training or matches. Our customers in cold weather climates equally enjoy the SHTF wrap to stop cold transfer into their hands. The SHTF+ is 7″ Wide and can adjust to fit a wide variety of handguards. Manufactured in the USA and designed in conjunction with our marketing director Russell Phagan (www.SinistralRifleman.com). The SHTF+ Wrap is 7" long and secured by hook and loop fastening (Velcro) to fit any handguard diameter. In addition to AR15 handguards, it will also work on FAL, Sterling, M1 Garand/M14 Fore ends, and potentially any other firearm with thin handguards needing additional insulation. Order Online Here!
  2. You're the first that has asked. Mostly it's people that already had one of our slides buying these
  3. They are counter bored for normal 6-32 mounting screws
  4. No, just the recoil lugs in the front. Though if you wanted to make it work with threaded posts, drilling the holes larger would be fairly simple.
  5. I like targets like Death Stars, Spinners, Polish Plate Racks, No shoot poppers with clays in the center of them. It's an actual marksmanship challenge vs testing how well you can memorize and plan your foot work like you're doing a dance routine.
  6. We have some of the more popular models of Gen 3 19 Slides done and ready to ship. No Waiting KE19 Bravo RMR Cut http://www.kearms.com/ke19-bravo-slide-RMR.aspx KE19 Charlie RMR Cut http://www.kearms.com/ke19-charlie-slide-RMR.aspx
  7. All Bravo through Echo slides now have ACRO optics cuts as an option. ACRO Slide Pics On these slides the rear dove tail is behind the ACRO cut. Starting from a blank slate makes this possible. Browse options online here Milling of OEM Slides The rail for the ACRO is milled as low as possible into the slide. Rear dove tail is eliminated. The factory rear dovetail location does not leave enough space in front of it to mount the Aimpoint ACRO forward without compromising the safety plunger hole too much. Rear sight option: Milling a rear sight notch in front of the ACRO is the only way to include a rear sight. Part of the dovetail channel will break into the safety plunger hole at the very bottom. This will not compromise function and the hole will be covered with the rear sight installed. Front Serrations optional. Our front serrations do not compromise the factory markings. Finishing Options The default option is factory quality Melonite refinish of the slide. Cerakoting options are performed by authorized Cerakoter We Plead the 2nd OEM Milling for ACRO Here RMR TO ACRO ADAPTER PLATE Adapt your old Trijicon RMR cut slide to use the new Aimpoint ACRO! This will allow you to try out an ACRO on your current slide before having a new slide made, or just keep your old slide in service with a more modern optic. -Machined from billet aluminum and hard coat anodized -Clearance for recoil bosses -Deliberately snug fit Because various manufacturers and shops have cut the RMR pockets to different depths, you will need to shorten the right 6-32 screw to fit with your particular slide. If you do not shorten it, it will go into the extractor plunger area and impede function. Order Online Here
  8. Aimpoint Micro Mount for Mossberg http://www.kearms.com/ke-arms-mount-for-aimpoint-micro-mossberg-590.aspx Deltapoint Pro Mount for Mossberg http://www.kearms.com/ke-arms-mount-for-DPP/mossberg-590.aspx RMR Mount for Mossberg http://www.kearms.com/ke-arms-mount-for-RMR/mossberg-590.aspx Everything is done and ready to ship, will update when I have photos
  9. Order Online Here $249.95 before BENOS discounts The KE-15 Billet Flared Mag-well Lower Receiver is precision machined in-house from hi-grade 7075 billet master plate to mil-spec standards making it compatible with most mil-spec M16/M4 uppers. Features a broached mag well and mil-spec 8625 type III, class 2 hard anodized. The current generation of flared mag wells has been revised to work with Surefire 60 and 100 round magazines, Magpul D60s, and X Products Drums. Ready to be assembled with your choice of lower parts kit. Please make sure the business name of the FFL you are using is noted on your order and that we have all of your FFL’s info. Weight is 0.6 Pounds FEDERAL LAW REQUIRES YOU MUST BE OVER 21 TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT
  10. DESCRIPTION Back for a limited time! - 4.5 LBS adjustable reset - Minimal takeup, overtravel and reset - Precision EDM wired from A2 tool steel - Titanium Nitride Coated - Simple drop-in installation Order online here
  11. We have a limited number of older inventory KE-34 Echo Gen 3 Slides milled for RMR WITHOUT the recoil lugs for RMRs. These are all Black Melonite Coated. These slides can ship immediately. The KE34 Slide is machined from 17-4 Stainless steel and heat treated to Rockwell 42-43 These slides come ready to accept OEM internals, barrels, and guide rods. The KE34 Gen 3 slide is compatible with all Glock 34 Gen 3 OEM components. Delta Features: Front and rear cocking serrations, aggressive contouring on the sides, bull nose on the front, weight relief cuts on the top and sides. Slots through front serrations further reduce slide mass and aid in barrel cooling* Striker channel liner is included. RMR Cover Plate and Sealing Plate Included IMPORTANT NOTICE! KE Arms Slides are designed to work with Glock OEM components and KE Arms components. Some combinations of aftermarket parts can cause improper function. Slides should be assembled by a competent gunsmith or armorer and function tested for safety prior to live fire. We recommend at least 200 rounds of live fire before using one of our slides in a self-defense/duty application. Of that 200 rounds, at least 50 should be using your carry/duty ammunition. *End users considering this slide for duty/self defense use should be aware of the increased ability for environmental fouling to enter the slide. Reduced to $399.00 http://www.kearms.com/ke34-echo-slide-clearance.aspx]http://www.kearms.com/ke34-echo-slide-clearance.aspx
  12. FBI Miami shoot out match from 2009. One of the FBI agents was wounded and similarly used a pump action shotgun with one hand on the bank robbers. My use of it is in the first stage of this video. Shotgun is a stage prop. At 5:30 from the movie based on the events of that 1986 gun fight:
  13. Commercial self-defense/SHTF/recreational sales. In NSSF surverys the primary motivator for firearms purchases is consistently Self-Defense, with recreation being a secondary factor. Typically 95-98% of respondents list self-defense as a primary reason for purchasing firearms. To understand why this is a more recent development The 1968 Gun Control Act defined DDs as anything with a bore over .50 except for shotguns with sporting purposes Court Cases interpreting sporting purposes to mean traditional trap and skeet and hunting; the government originally called what we do "combat games" not sporting purposes 1989 import restrictions 1994 Assault Weapons ban that listed detachable magazines as an assault weapons feature (in combination with other features), and shotgun mags over 5 rounds also being an assault weapons feature. 1995 the USAS-12 and other shotguns are declared to be DDs; requiring NFA registration and prohibiting their ownership. Perception by companies that new products will be ruled DDs wasting R&D $$$ and limiting market share. 1997 North Hollywood shootout shotguns used by law enforcement are ineffective; hard push for patrol rifles begins Late 1990s Foreign companies still make and import detach mag fed guns in sporting configs, but the mags are limited to 5 rounds. Not very desirable when a fixed tube can have as many as you want under AWB. 1999 Columbine school shooting; more push for patrol officers to carry patrol rifles over shotguns. More mass shooting events until present continue this push. 2004 the Assault Weapons ban goes away 2004 Forward the AWB going away, concerns about Terrorism, the GWOT and waves of returning veterans popularize the M4 more than ever as the go to gun for self-defense. They buy copies of their service rifles, their friends and family are exposed to them and in turn buy them. Shotgun emphasis in tactical training that was present in the 1980s-90s dissipates. Tactical instructors run shotgun courses less often. More mass shootings continue to focus Law Enforcement emphasis on patrol rifle. Video games make military style firearms more and more popular and as gamers come of age they purchase real firearms. 2005 forward more foreign made detach magazine shotguns are imported 2006 forward US companies start making high cap mags for detach mag fed shotguns 2011 ATF study on the importability of various shotguns for sporting reasons. They decide that detach magfed shotguns and pistol grips on them are no longer inherently unsporting. 2011 forward more and more foreign guns are imported in true to original configuration. Mid 00s-Present Popular media (video games and movies) has show cased a number of mag fed shotguns in high profile roles, driving interest in them. The pump action shotgun is no longer the darling of action entertainment it once was. In summation laws and policy decisions made shotgun manufacturers reluctant to invest in designing mag fed shotguns until recently as the market was proofed out by foreign companies. Concurrently interest in shotguns in the tactical/self defense sector decreased as M4 Carbines/Patrol Rifles become more desired. Domestic manufacturers were finally seeing sales slow enough that producing magazine fed shotguns became a necessity to stay relevant in the market place by releasing guns with the same capabilities as those used in popular media that hold the public interest.
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