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  1. The KE-9 Extended Magazine Catch for is perfect for shooters with shorter fingers. Made in the USA from anodized aluminum, this part fits all standard KE-9 Lowers. Remove your existing mag catch with an allen wrench, and drop this one right in. This is not compatible with other brands of 9mm Glock mag lowers. It is also NOT compatible with the ambi KE-9. $29.95 Order Online Here http://www.kearms.com/KE-9-extended-magazine-catch.aspx
  2. Save over $100 vs buying parts separately! This Unassembled set includes: Billet KE-9 Lower Forged KE-9 Upper 12.5" 7 Side MLOK Handguard Enhanced Charging Handle GI Lower Parts Kit M4 Buttstock Assembly with 9mm Buffer You will need to purchase a 16" 9mm barrel and bolt carrier group cut to clear Glock Magazines to assemble this into a complete firearm. Order Online Here: http://www.kearms.com/billet-ke-9-builder-set.aspx
  3. Thomas Hart is the owner and he is basically a one man band as far I know. He also has some health issues that may be keeping him from responding. I looked on Facebook and can't find his profile or company page currently.
  4. Hey everyone. It's almost as if what I said back in 2011 is even more true today: https://sinistralrifleman.com/2011/04/27/the-case-for-riflepistol-matches/ For people who don't know me I actively shot 3-Gun from 2001-2017. My video coverage of 3 Gun events in the 2000s has actively been credited by dozens of 3-gunners as the reason they got into the sport. Since 2-Gun has been an option at all the local Phoenix, AZ club matches I have shot it almost exclusively along with our rifle only match, and the two monthly 2-gun specific matches. When I do pick up a shotgun every 6-12 months I don't feel like I've lost anything. I've watched the market shift in what people want to shoot as the gun culture has changed with influences from returning veterans, shift in weapon focus in games and movies, shift in the tactical training market as more and more bad guys wear body armor. The young people that have grown up over the past 2 decades do not see shotguns with the same love or enthusiasm as previous generations of gun owners as a result. In the past 4 years InRange TV has had a distinct impact on the type of events new shooters, especially younger ones, want to compete in. While you're worrying about filling matches. 2-gun Events like InRange's -Brutality events and The Tactical Games are filling up with people who don't want to shoot 3-Gun. They can use their self-defense/SHTF gear in a fun, challenging venue. Meanwhile the type of shotgun used for 3-Gun is too long to be practical for home defense in most cases, and the shell caddies are only useful for this specific sport. The people willing to buy equipment that is only useful in a sporting context are the minority. The less martially applicable the equipment and shooting style is, the less interesting it is to most potential match participants. People are begging us to help run more hardcore 2-gun events around the country. Something that I am working with InRange on expanding in 2020 and even more in 2021 I appreciate that you did this for the Rio Salado club matches. Way more fun and less hassle.
  5. We've been selling 9mm Glock mags lowers since 2017: http://www.kearms.com/ke-9-ar I'm not sure that there's enough market for 9mm cabines to justfy the expense for a mold.
  6. KE Arms is pleased to announce development of the MK3 Polymer Receiver. Molds and tooling are currently in production and we anticipate to start shipping receivers in Quarter 2 2020. The MK3 receiver is the heart of InRange TV What Would Stoner Do 2020 Rifle Project. WWSD2020 Rifles will be exclusively available at Brownells, Inc. The MK3 is an AR15 style receiver made from injection molded glass filled nylon incorporating the buttstock, buffer tube, pistol grip, and trigger into the receiver design as integral components. The MK3 Receiver draws inspiration and experience from earlier monolithic polymer receiver designs while incorporating modern manufacturing techniques and features for the current marketplace. This manufacturing process offers several advantages • Lighter weight compared to similarly configured receivers • Lower cost to similarly configured receivers • Increased production speed and elimination of sub components through integration; especially important during high demand cycles in the market. Features Include: • Compatibility with most common AR15 uppers and lower parts kits • Flared magwell to make reloads under stress easier to perform. • A1 Length 13” Length of Pull (LOP) Buttstock to fit a wide range of shooters • MLOK Slots at rear of stock for sling attachement points or run a strap through it for simple sling attachment • Holes at the front of the stock for QD socket inserts for more sling attachment options • Improved grip for comfortable use • “Winter” Trigger Guard Stay Tuned for Future Updates and Product Announcements as we work our way through the manufacturing process! MK3 Product Page WWSD at Brownells
  7. - Lower Receiver Material: KE ARMS Forged 7075 T6 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat anodizing - Hammer/Trigger pin size: Mil-spec - Pivot/Takedown Pin Size: Mil-spec - Caliber Marking: Multi - Buttstock: Mil-spec 6 position - Buffer: Standard carbine buffer and spring - Trigger: Mil-spec single stage trigger with a non-adjustable trigger pull - Grip: A2 style plastic grip Blemished receivers have various dents, dings, scratches, or other cosmetic flaws. They are 100% serviceable. No returns will be accepted for cosmetic issues. Add and SLT-1 or -2 for $175.00 now through December 30th! Order Online Here! Use coupon code KECOMACC for an additional 15% off
  8. 25% off MLOK Rails Now through December 30th Prices will discount once added to your cart!
  9. Once we sell out of these, I want to make them yes.
  10. We are discontinuing Gen 4 Slides, once they are gone they're gone. These slides have been discounted accordingly to reduce inventory so we can move on to other slide projects. DO NOT USE COUPON CODES WHEN ORDERING THIS ITEM, IT IS ALREADY DISCOUNTED AS FAR AS WE CAN GO. KE34 Gen 4 KE17 Gen 4 KE19 Gen 4
  11. Parts for Hudson H9s are now available for sale on our site. These include Slides: http://www.kearms.com/OEM-H9-Slide.aspx http://www.kearms.com/oem-style-slide-for-hudson-h9-DPP.aspx Frames: http://www.kearms.com/aluminum-frame-for-hudson-h9-raw.aspx http://www.kearms.com/Aluminum-h9-Frame.aspx Combo Packs: http://www.kearms.com/H9-Slide-Frame-Combo.aspx Compensators: http://www.kearms.com/slim-line-comp.aspx For all other small parts go to HudsonGunParts.com
  12. Storage in hot environments and rapid fire are both equally capable of making the free float tubes too hot to hold comfortably, reducing the shooter’s effectiveness. The Stop Heat TransFer Wrap attaches around the 9” to 15” aluminum free float tube on your AR15 rifle to reduce heat transfer to the shooters hand. The rifle can be handled normally after storage inside a hot vehicle and during rapid firing of multiple magazines. The SHTF+ Features thermal insulating material for even more extreme use (not recommended for use on silencers/suppressor directly). Reduce wear bracing on barricades in training or matches. Our customers in cold weather climates equally enjoy the SHTF wrap to stop cold transfer into their hands. The SHTF+ is 7″ Wide and can adjust to fit a wide variety of handguards. Manufactured in the USA and designed in conjunction with our marketing director Russell Phagan (www.SinistralRifleman.com). The SHTF+ Wrap is 7" long and secured by hook and loop fastening (Velcro) to fit any handguard diameter. In addition to AR15 handguards, it will also work on FAL, Sterling, M1 Garand/M14 Fore ends, and potentially any other firearm with thin handguards needing additional insulation. Order Online Here!
  13. You're the first that has asked. Mostly it's people that already had one of our slides buying these
  14. They are counter bored for normal 6-32 mounting screws
  15. No, just the recoil lugs in the front. Though if you wanted to make it work with threaded posts, drilling the holes larger would be fairly simple.
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