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  1. I am converting the brass. Have the jig and cutter, just needs the sizing die or the die set to run on the 1050.
  2. I need a step wise process (if any exists) for loading the 300 blackout on a 1050. I assume the same shell plate is used as the .556.
  3. When you have the gas piston sealed does it work both for heavy and light loads or does it retain the red and black (light or heavy) original spec?
  4. Hi guys and gals, Anyone know exactly what I need in order to convert my press to load 10mm? I may have some old lee dies in 10mm but I think they can be used for both calibers>??? Regards,
  5. I had the same issue with the 550 and titegroup (blew up my limited gun). A guy on the forums suggested his use of a small mirror and a light source to really verify the charge. He also suggested that with too little of a charge with titegroup that I could of had a "flash" on the powder rather than a double charge, as I visually checked all the loads. Powder can sometimes not feed through the powder bar. I solved the problem with a 1050.
  6. I miss our conversations and commraderie yet no worries mate. Its cool to see your train on the tracks.
  7. I had the same prob. The primer punch shaft was slightly bent. Roll it on a flat surface to determine.
  8. Familys are complicated, friends come and go. Live your own life without the percieved hurt and love them in spite of their mind(s). It is something alot of people struggle with...moving forward without constraint.
  9. Hi Steve, weclcome to the forums. I am from Coeur d'Alene. Lots o good matches around here.
  10. You told us we were your favorite as we were your last squad!!!
  11. On my 140 mm sti mags, I have shaped the tubes to spec yet the grams basepads u pin is really hard to get in. What is the preferred fitment at this point? File the tabs to 1.05 (currently at 1.08) or do you squeeze the tabs in the vice? I was going to file the tabs but me and files and guns, oh my!!
  12. Thanks Air. That did the trick. Bobby said I need to load the bolen/SV mags and let sit for three days. If that doesnt work, change out springs, rinse and repeat. Z40, yes the sti tubes are really hard to load and only getting 15 or 16 with dawson guts and grams basepad. Ordered some grams guts for the sti. The grams basepads barely go on the sti mags (metal prong tough to get in)
  13. I am running an Edge. Had to change out the Bolen springs on the Bolen followers and ever since then....DOH! Decided to go with Grams guts on the SV's and put the Bolen guts in two spare sti mags that were laying around. The sti mags will only hold 15 or 16, so I needs a master mag-dude to make it right.
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