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Stainless PT grip rusting


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Some grades of Stainless will rust, especially if there is salt around, such as from sweat.  


What makes Stainless resist rust is a rather clear and tightly adhering Chrome oxide layer, which prevents any more oxygen reaching the steel.  If something removes the chrome oxide layer, and/or prevents it from forming, you will have rust.  


I have no experience with that model.  

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On 8/7/2022 at 8:32 PM, japarker82 said:

Have you contacted PT? That's where I'd start. Chances are they'd make it right  

What are they supposed to do? It's a steel grip being soaked in sweat all the time. It's gonna rust. Stainless or not It's gonna rust. Just wipe down with oil and let it sit for a bit then wipe clean. 

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