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Slighty out of battery - rounds catching


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I've been working on a 9 major load and have had a few issues. I will occasionally have the gun fail to fully go into battery, requiring a small tap on the back of the slide to seat fully and will the fire correctly.

Things I've checked.


OAL - 1.15

Bullet - PD 124 v1

Powder - AA7 (10 gr)

PF - 175

Crimp - 3.75
Cause gauge - all pass

Barrel plunk test - all pass

Replaced recoil and mag springs.
Polished feed ramp.
Mags - new mbx and atlas mags, checked feed lips

When the slide is tapped, the rounds fire and eject normally.

I made some dummy rounds to see where things were hitting. The bullet makes contact halfway up the feed ramp, but then hitches after that. 


If I cycle the gun by hand and slowly let the slide move forward, the rounds will catch and hold the slide open. Tapping the slide fixes it, but I've had failures in my last match where the round would feed, but be slightly out of battery and not fire. I'm assuming these issues are related.


I'm not sure where I'm screwing up. Any help would be appreciated.




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The match prior to this, I shot the same load with no issues.




Not working (It occurs on the first target, as well as pretty much every stage)


Which made me think it would be solved by cleaning so that was what I did, but it's still occurring.

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What poundage recoil spring are you running.. Also check  your extractor tension, I had a very similar issue with my open gun several years ago it was the extractor.. 

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They recommend a 6lb variable rate coil spring. I put in a 7lb to test, but it still occurs.




I did put in two new springs in my aftec extractor. Im guessing this is too tight?

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With an aftec you'll have to radius the lower corner a bit in order to help the round slide under . Go very slow and small till the round will chamber when your working the slide by hand. the aftec tension will always be a little tighter than a normal extractor 

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