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  1. I've had a couple done by Mahovsky's Metalife. I would use him again. Good work at a fair price. You might want to check him out.
  2. Interesting discussion here. I use Lubriplate on rails and barrel unlock bevel, and either light motor oil or light oil on internal parts. Has been working well. After a shoot I usually field strip and do a quick wipe-down and light re-lube, certainly not a detail cleaning. I'm using Sport Pistol which is very clean, and have never had any problems even here in North Carolina where things can get hot. May have to switch to Rotella! I know a lot of motorcycle riders swear by Rotella as an excellent lube and high wear resistance.
  3. I agree with copterdriver. I'm running a 13 lb spring in my SFx, 5.5 lb striker spring, and never had any problems going to battery. I'm thinking some sort of ammo issue also.
  4. I have, and have owned any number of .22 pistols from major US manufacturers (Colt, Browning, High Standard, S&W, Ruger), and my go-to for most plinking and informal target shooting these days is the Ruger 22/45 I have. Minor trigger work makes it great for the kinds of shooting I'm prone to do. It's accurate and reliable. The Mk II is a great pistol in itself, but the 22/45 fits my hand great, the balance is good, and it's hard for me to find anything wrong with it. Not saying I'd keep it and get rid of the rest, but I do like it a lot. If you've done much 1911 shooting I'd bet that you'll like it a lot too! I can't imagine any young person who enjoys shooting that wouldn't love to have one. Mine is not a lightweight; I find the lightweights are too hard to hold steady.
  5. Agree with Cuz, iron sights are better... learn how to shoot with them first. Will make him a better, more well-rounded shooter in the long run, IMHO.
  6. You might also try running a bore brush part way in from the chamber end, then pull it back out, hopefully bringing the case back with it. I've seen that work. Good luck. PLEASE DO NOT try to pry between the chamber and the case.. you will likely ruin the chamber of the barrel and have to replace it. Worst case scenario, visit a gunsmith.
  7. Wish I could help. I have and use CFE Pistol and like it, but don't have any 115 grain loads to share. Good luck.
  8. Take a look at these from NDZ: https://www.ndzperformance.com/NDZ-Glock-Gen-1-3-SST-Guide-Rod-17-22-24-31-34-35-p/ndz-glk-gro-g17.htm I use them and like them a lot. I have no interest in this company other than being a satisfied customer.
  9. Lots of good information there, thank you very much!! I've noticed the factory trigger parts not lasting, I think they're MIM parts. Did not know about the firing pins, so appreciate that, as well as the trigger info.
  10. I'm watching this thread, I have the same RIA handgun with 4 factory mags. According to reviews at Taylor, the extensions fit and work fine on these magazines, so I may buy one to try... never hurts to have a couple more rounds in the magazine, eh?
  11. Roudyb has good suggestions. I keep a small cooler full of water bottles and use Propel in them to help with electrolytes/hydration. I have to drink a LOT!! I turn 68 in September and can't handle the heat like I used to... and it sucks.
  12. I like a thin coat of something slippery in those contact/slide areas. I usually use Lubriplate as I have plenty of it.
  13. I had no luck with an aftermarket connector when I installed mine (Gen 4 G34), but with the original factory connector the Timney worked perfectly, and the trigger pull was good. You might want to try that.
  14. I run my fired brass/range pick-up through a Lee APP to deprime only. Same set-up works for both 9mm and .40 S&W, just have to adjust the height of the case feed. Then a trip through the FART with SS media, separate and dry in dehydrator. This takes very little time. Then light lube with something like One-Shot (I use a homemade version) and sizing, priming, etc. is all done on the press. Light lube doesn't even need to be removed. It's fast and keeps my brass and press very clean.
  15. First, make sure you get all the lead out of the bore. Once leading starts, it grows fast. Next, if you have a .356" bore then you should be good with same size bullets, although it's common practice to shoot .001 or .002" oversized in many handguns. With lead, that won't hurt a thing, and you can consider any "coated" bullet, like Blue Bullets, to load the same as plain lead. Jacketed is a different story, and you'd want to stick with .356 if at all possible. I'm not sure about jacketed, but there are a number of companies making coated bullets that will size them to .356.
  16. +1 on the SwampFox Justice.
  17. I have to agree with Hiker88. I shoot both Canik TP9SFx and Glocks, and like both. I look forward to getting my hands on one of these as soon as I can and wringing it out! Will be interesting to see how things develop. I do like that it uses Glock magazines as they're everywhere...
  18. I think I'd call Taylor Freelance and see what they have to say about it. My guess is that they will be able to get you going very quickly. I have a RIA PRO Match Ultra HC (.40 cal) and have been considering doing what you've done so I'd be interested in reading your response from Taylor and the solution to your issue. Good luck!
  19. Man, that would ruin anybody's week. Very sorry to hear.
  20. Canik magazines are hard to come by these days. I shoot Canik and would love to have a couple more. The ones I do see are usually way over MSRP, of course. good luck, J.
  21. The Lee APP is designed to decap only, not resize. I have one and use it for depriming .40 and 9mm. It works flawlessly and fast, with the Lee 4 tube case loader and collimator I have on it.
  22. I've shot a lot of lead non-coated bullets over the decades. For minor loads I'm pretty sure you'd be fine with medium hardness and a good lube. They will be a little "smokey" and possibly be a problem on indoor ranges, but outside you should be fine. Also there will likely be a slight odor as well. Last time I shot some old stock lead bullets I had, I got some teasing from my friends... but it's all good.
  23. If I could only keep one of my single stage presses, it would be the Redding Ultramag. It's everything I look for in a single stage, with all the leverage one could possibly need for anything reasonable. And... I do know that this is a rather old thread...
  24. I shoot the Blue 147 flat points for Carry Optics.. so minor PF. In my TP9SFx the accuracy is more than adequate for my purposes, although I haven't "benched" the gun yet. I'm using Sport Pistol powder with range brass. I have some background in Bullseye shooting.. accuracy is very good.
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