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  1. I put the Timney trigger in my G34. It didn't seem to want to function properly with a Ghost trigger bar, so I put in the original bar and it seems to be working fine. I like the feel very much; haven't weighed the trigger but might sometime soon. I also haven't had a chance to get to the range with the pistol but hope to do that soon also. So far, I'm impressed with the trigger and have nothing critical to say at all. However, my G34 is a competition piece, and I personally WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TRIGGER FOR A DEFENSIVE PIECE.
  2. On the Dillon website there are a number of videos for the 550 that deal with various primer issues (and other issues as well). Depending on how used your press is you might want to do one of the clean-n-lube processes and get her back into tip-top shape. Good luck.
  3. I have an APP and have been using it since last year. My impression was that the press was designed for depriming, primer pocket swaging, bulge-busting and sizing lead bullets. I've used it for depriming and swaging in 9mm and .40 S&W, mostly 9mm. My process is to deprime, then wet tumble with media, then load on a progressive. The less I have to handle any cases the better, and for me the APP works very well indeed as I can deprime hundreds of cases (using the Lee case collator with 4 collector tubes) in no time at all, and with very little effort. For any of those purposes mentioned
  4. I do a light crimp on mine, using the Lee FCD.
  5. I don't have an XDm, but I have AA kits for 1911 and Glock. First rate kit in my opinion.
  6. Interesting! I sort of like the looks of that! Looks like Canik is getting more and more popular... and aftermarket parts growing more plentiful. I have a TP9SFx I use in Carry Optic.
  7. Pretty much agree with Banacek on this one. I use a cartridge gauge (Wilson) to set my cases to factory spec, headspacing off the shoulder. Debulge as necessary, of course. I use Lee FCD, and not too much of that, just enough to make sure bullet won't set back. My .357 SIG's are Glocks so I assume the chamber is fairly loose but I don't have problems with reloads. Unless shooting bullseye, I think "tight" chambers are more of a liability than an asset for action shooting.
  8. Agree with Waltermitty on this. Should be an easy check for any 'smith with revolver experience, and an easy fix as well. There is a tool to properly cut barrel/cylinder gap that any revolversmith would have on hand.
  9. I like to deprime before I wet tumble with media. I like clean primer pockets. I use an old dehydrator to dry the cases in, a minimum of 3 hours, and the cases are squeaky clean and dry. I've had a squib before, in the first batch of 9mm I ever reloaded. Now I visually inspect each case for powder before placing the bullet on the case on my progressive. Haven't had any problems since, but there's always the possibility of marginal primers.. it's not just a powder possibility.
  10. Winchester is my preferred primer when I can get them. Have reloaded quite a few with no problems whatsoever; every one went bang as far as I can remember. I agree that there might be some contamination somewhere along the line on the primers that you have.
  11. I have two TP9SFx's.. one has the "Pro" trigger installed and love it. Have another on hand to install when I get around to it.
  12. Never shot the Barretta APX, but have a Canik TP9SFx that I use for IDPA CO and I really like it! Good trigger, easy to make it great, and decent aftermarket support. Excellent platform for CO in my opinion.
  13. I'm only 67, and somewhat out of shape. I do agree about over 80 shooting for free!! Good to hear of others that have been able to keep on shooting, for sure.
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