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JHP vs coated bullets


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So I've been shooting SNS coated bullets for a while now, about 2 years. Really like them. Price was great too if you bought a case. Ordered a case of the 135s the other day and they were .09c a round.


Was about to order some 124s for the open gun from SNS and they are now .08c. Looked up PD 124V2 JHP and they are .09c for a case of 3600. Decided that the JHP was the better buy. They will for sure shoot cleaner in the open gun. And honestly since they are the same price as the 135 SNS I'm just gonna go JHP for minor now. 


How did we get to high quality JHP and coated bullets being the same price?

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My math comes out .095 cents for PDV2. 😉
One of the other bullet makers stated that recently copper strip had actually gone down in price but he figured that the fuel price was going to negate any savings. Maybe they just happened to get a good deal and decided to pass it on. 

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supply demand, panic buying. Everyone getting coated because they work well and folks assume they are cheaper and dont shop around ? Just guessing.
With primers the way they are I am surprised anyone is selling any bullets..
As reloaders are a small market and are snatching every primer they can get a stupid prices and ammo markets seem to be getting better. Wouldnt surprise me to see factory loaded 9mm cheaper than primers.  Wasnt all that long ago it wasnt worth loading 9mm. 

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For me if it's open gun.. I would stick with JHP. 


But for local matches and practice sessions I wouldn't mind using coated bullets. But i have to clean open guns everytime.

Limited, Production, SS, CO, pcc  ... i could care less as long as i clean every 3k-5k. 


Big matches.. i always go for jacketed bullets. 


Try benching your load. Jacketed will always be much accurate than coated.


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On 9/21/2022 at 8:19 AM, Joe4d said:

  Wasnt all that long ago it wasnt worth loading 9mm. 

it's always been worth it to load 9mm. when you could get cheap off-brand 115gr factory loads for 8.99/box, you could load your own in the pf and length you prefer for $4.50/box.

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