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Just watched a segment on the news about an Atlanta distillery making hand sanitizer instead of drinking alcohol, and it suddenly hit me. All those of us that make our own case lube have a supply of hand sanitizer if needed. The distiller is using 70% alcohol mixed to 95/5 with aloe vera. Those that make our own case lube are generally using 100% alcohol mixed with lanolin at 88/12. Lanolin is good for the skin, just like aloe. 

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Old Fourth Distillery


The report you saw may have some facts confused or reversed. O4D ceased all commercial distilling of their key products: gin, vodka and bourbon. They're now only making 'grain alcohol' (95%) and mixing in with aloe vera gel in a 2:1 ratio (2 parts alkyhol to 1 part aloe). So I think the 70% is the level post-mix. BTW, They have not charged a penny for this. It's strictly a free public service.


They've now scaled back on making it available to the general public and ae focusing on making it available to First Responders. I think FEMA is also trying to contract some swimming pool sized order with them.

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I been saying for a week:  Get a small spray bottle and fill it with 90% Isopropyl alcohol. Before you touch something, spray it. if someone coughs or sneezes near you, spray around you. Spray it on your hands. Spray your hands and rub your face before it dries. 

What kills the virus in all the hand sanitizers is alcohol. You don't need all the other crap like aloe (skin softener).


And if you think you got it, get a bottle of your favorite liquor and drink up. ;)

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I dunno 52 years and a front and back hand swipe on jean legs has worked for me for everything from bilge slime to burnt oil to fish slime to deer guts.,,, couple swipes,,, grab some sardines,,, good to go.

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