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Sig MPX offset mount needed

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So switching from my AR9 rig to the Sig MPX has been particularly troublesome around left hand leans.


I normally use a cheap but reliable truglo offset mount rail piece to mount a holosun 507c. However, the same or similar mount won't work ideally on the MPX because it's not enough offset for the height over bore on the MPX.


Basically the MPX has a taller rail section, so when I tilt it to see through the offset, the barrel is somewhere to the right of the optic.


Can anyone recommend an offset mount for the MPX that will have the barrel under the offset optic? 


Or should I give up on the idea and adapt.

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Yeah, the MPX's height over bore can be wonky to deal with sometimes with certain things, plenty of guys aren't even aware that it's different from a standard AR platform...

You could possibly try a "1 o'clock mount" like Daniel Defense makes (but it'll probably mean having to pic mount the 507 which could get more weird because it'll stick out a lot)..?


For me, I tried an offset sight and in the end didn't really find it more helpful than: #1. just turning the gun and awkwardly staying behind the dot (sometimes taking the gun off my shoulder) ... not ideal, but if the dot is in the right place not being in-line with the bore isn't a huge deal (partly because the MPX shoots so soft), #2. "bumping shoulders" where you move the stock to your left shoulder (right-handed shooter) while your strong-hand remains on the grip/trigger and your support-hand comes down to the magwell like it's 1989 for a sec and put the dot in front of your other eye, or #3. just swapping over to weak-side/opposite-handed and putting the dot in front of my other eye... #2 is consistently the fastest and "best" for me when I actually remember and execute it correctly lol, I really need to practice it more lol!

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