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  1. Sounds like two is one and one is none would describe your situation. Can not imagine where 1 mounting screw could be adequate.
  2. Chance lroy is really Adam from Atlas....
  3. That's impressive. You must have gotten majikal springs. Not sure I'd advise you change them! Recoil springs should be ready. Get some factory weight springs and look and the difference in OAL. Same for the extractor spring
  4. Gram guts are the way to go. Tuning mags is an art. I have one 170 MBX mag I used the dawson kit to tune that I F-ed up bad enough where it has been retired to dry fire used only.
  5. If shooting inside 7 yards is your POI to the right?
  6. It ejects OK? Still have the barrel with loaded chamber indicator? How's the debris on the glass?
  7. Can you share a pic of the SRO on the X5
  8. Scott works on a river boat. He's on it now for a 3 week shift and works lots of hours. He'll get with ya
  9. Ya 1600 is too much. Unless you really want to work on that gun.
  10. Will your load lock the bolt back reliably on an empty mag? If not your PF is too low for your MPX
  11. Failure to fire? Like the 9mm round is in the chamber in battery and doesn't go bang? I have 2 MPXs. Both took a couple hundred rounds to get broken in. Your power factory might be a bit low for a brand new gun with mags fully loaded. Factory 115 FMJ type ammo will be closer to 150PF out of your rifle. My 147gr load runs 138PF in my carbine. Same load is 129PF out of a hand gun
  12. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Taylor-Freelance-SIG-MPX-Carbine-20-P5090.aspx
  13. That grip to frame fit looks bad. Usually people have to fit the steel grips to the frame. Maybe your plastic one needs a bit of fitting to get it up higher and in turn raise those springs up too...
  14. I am 44 and got my first pair of glasses last year. I don't really need them but when I do wear them I can read the TV guide or see football scores on a 55 inch TV without squinting. I know I shoot faster than I focus and call shots as best I can. If I waited around to see the holes I bet my times would double. Just try watching someone shooting the stage and look for their hits. How fast can you find the holes in the target? Are they shooting the next target before you can see both hits when all you are doing it looking for hits?
  15. 147 Blues with 3.1gr universal I messed around with lighter bullets trying to get the loudness of a super sonic round for the timer but always felt the 147s were softer with less dot movement for double taps
  16. No go for this MPXer Unless shooting wolf steel cased ammo
  17. I have a 8moa c more and ct206. I usually don't seen the green laser dot as the red dot is much brighter. The only time I see the laser is moving and shooting where I get up off the stock and am not looking thru the c more.
  18. A 4.5lb 2 stage $350 MPX trigger? I bet they sell like hot cakes....
  19. I like everything about holosun. Just wish they'd offer a larger moa dot as on option. How awesome would a 6 or 8 moa green dot be in the 510!!!???
  20. Thanks that's all good info. I may try the standard picatinny mount that the RTS2 comes with to see how it does retaining zero. Thanks
  21. I was looking for a QD type mount for a 22 cal rile that I would like to go back and forth between red dot and scope. Does anyone make a good QD mount for the RTS2? Also noticed shooters connection has been out of RTS2s for a while. Before it was the good ones 8 and 10 moa. Now shows they have none in stock. Are RTS2s scarce, SC quit selling them or maybe a new revision coming?
  22. Mine holds 50. But its tight for rounds 49 and 50. Also took several loadings and unloadings to get some set in the spring. At first it might fail to have a round go into battery between 40 and 50. Now it runs 100% but I rarely put more than 47 in it
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