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  1. 9mm is really pretty versatile. Sounds like your current gun is running fine. What is it your wanting to do different from what you have done so far?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/104407380897039/photos/gm.4293517920710599/522597759077997/ @RangerTrace??? Sweet!
  3. I don't understand this gun for uspsa. They look cool and may run fine but I can't see too many people getting these for competition. It's like they asked Bobby what division did you sell the least amount of guns for - limited minor or open minor? Well lets make one gun that will do both these divisions almost no one wants to shoot minor in...
  4. I use 147 RN blues with universal at ~138 PF. I have tried lighter bullets at the same PF but for me in my gun etc the 147s seems to recoil less with less second shot dispersion when double tapping.
  5. I think its a bit of cool factor over boring FMJs. Plus HPs have a sealed base so no exposed lead. Looking HP vs FMJ from the same manufacture the cost isn't that much more so why not.
  6. I just tried googling STI. I had read this last year and thought all STI was carrying were the staccato line. I didn't realize that STI was gone. WOW! Guns do look pretty cool. But hang a little comp off the front and WOW describes the price too. I am assuming these all have plastic grips?
  7. I only try growing a few in buckets but seems like all the critters get first go at them and I usually end up with a very few good ones. With my time watering and out of pocket costs I guess tomatoes are about $25 a piece...
  8. Not knocking beretta. I have had a 92 since the late 90s. But never used it in a single uspsa match. Seems I have always had a gun that fit into whatever division better than my ol 92. If they could make an inexpensive open gun without a decocker I'd understand. Watching JJ use a 1 off gun doesn't change my opinion of my 92 either way. I bet he could kick ass with a yeet cannon. I honestly can't think of any new shooter picking a 92 to shoot in any division, over some of the other guns at the same price point, unless they just really liked the looks of the beretta or mel gibson lethal weapon fans - if there is such a thing.
  9. I am sure the new version will be fine for a long time. Kudos to c-more for really standing behind their products and supporting uspsa shooters
  10. I have a hard time thinking why would someone want to put $4k into a beretta open gun. I was going to assume the cost would be much lower? What's the appeal?
  11. So back to the turbo comp. I was not exactly trying to show awesome muzzle blast - but lazy blast/flame from the turbo ports. I think it is a cool feature but not sure it is really very effective in reducing muzzle rise. In the blast pic above the lazy flame coming out of the front side port is the turbo port. That flame looks like a cigarette lighter flame compared to the blast coming out of the pop holes and top of the comp. Here is close up pic of that comp. The turbo ports are the front round holes. The turbo port blast gasses has to make 3 turns inside the comp before exiting. Nothing against the design but if your choice is barrel porting pop holes or turbo comp the pop holes are going to give you the most gas possible to keep the gun flat. Now cool factor is another thing. If I was buying a new gun from this builder I would still want the turbo ports - because if it says turbo on the side of your gun you will shoot faster!!!
  12. Interesting. Once upon a time I took my MP5, MPX, blow back AR and scorpion to do recoil testing. My plan was to shoot and feel. I did some videoing too. Much to my surprise I could see the recoil. I had on a tank top and you could see the difference in recoil based on how much the meat in my arm and shoulder moved. MPX and MP5 were pretty close in mild recoil where the blow back AR had more and scorpion was the worst (the scorpion was also the lightest). It felt that way and visual aid confirmed what I perceived. It would be neat to show something like that with your system. Same gun shooter ammo etc. Just swap the roller buffer in and see the difference - just need a dude with a manly arm
  13. I got the email from SC about the preorder My first thought was that expensive considering I'd probably want to replace the stock, grip, trigger, forearm, add a new optic and laser beam etc. Very close to open money with a quick I want to upgrade list...
  14. Here is the Limcat with a turbo comp I had. The lazier looking flame coming out of the front is from the turbo ports. This is 9X19 major
  15. I have never had a problem with MPX or MP5 mags. I suspect the CZ scorpion mags might be sweet too.
  16. I couldn't see your video - it says it is set to private. Our club had enough interest and starting let people run PCC for the second gun around 2008. This is with the ol rock river running colt mags. Good times! https://youtu.be/Z8jllCLflCE
  17. I don't have one of these guns but watching the video it look like the bolt ejects the empty, the next round seem to jump straight up out of the mag before the bolt has a chance to push it forward. The bolt and extractor never hook up with that round and instead stop on the second live round in the mag. How far does a round need to move forward to be released from the mag? If it is recoil induced is it happening with the mag completely full, nearly empty or any round count? I think your onto the right thing bending the feed lips and I too would be concerned about an extractor primer detonation. If softer recoiling ammo does the trick is there some sort of mag spacer you could put in there to keep the rounds from moving forward in recoil in the mag? Good video!
  18. I really like the hyperfire trigger but did get a cmc here off the forums and have been impressed for a lower cost option. I also agree with the dry fire dojo comment - in a match you might not tell the difference. I tried a stock 15-22 trigger in a couple steel matches and don't think I could tell it had a 6lb pull when running it fast
  19. For the most part ARs are legos for adults. Mix match build have fun
  20. I tried Chrome and Microsoft explorer on computer neither would let me on. My phone had an option to continue but warrened its unsafe. Must be all the pcc shooters!
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