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  1. CK is in stock too. Not having to wait is nice. Wonder why shooters only has regular cmores on the guns they have? I'd think MRDs are all people want these days
  2. Use a little pencil blow torch to cook out the carbon. Works in rimfire suppressor baffles too
  3. Sucks your having issues with the new gun. Hopefully they can figure out what's going on and get your issue resolved quick. Something tells me they'll get you taken care of - let us know how it turns out...
  4. This was my understanding when it comes to stripped AR lowers. If you first build a lower as a pistol it is a pistol. With a pistol you can put a rifle length barrel and stock on and still be legal. However if the first build is into a rifle then it is always a rifle and can never be switched into a pistol.
  5. Factory ammo? What's your distance and group size?
  6. Firing pin is just fine. Stormtrooper was kind of the plan. Should have shown it with the chamber flag in that one of my friends made for me
  7. Not necessarily that the shoe is a no go but that trigger with a shoe in the MPX lower is 5.1.5 Triggers and/or trigger shoes that extend beyond the width of the trigger guard are expressly prohibited.
  8. Hyperfire eclipse without shoe because uspsa rules
  9. Is 130 to 135PF out of the MPX? 16" barrel? What weight bullet? I would guess you would be sub minor out of a pistol with that load. Need more power, gas, energy, something
  10. That's sweet! I haven't seen a limcat racker that is held with a detent. Is that how your racker is held in place?
  11. Here's another my buddy said story... I had toyed with the idea getting one. LGS has a part time employee who is full time PD. He said their department tested them and they began having reliably issues in a rather short time frame. Based on this and since I am not a glock fan boy I went another direction. Lots of good PCC options out there - braced, SBR or carbine
  12. You owe it to your self to look thru a RTS2 with MOA 10 dot. Sounds way to big till you try it
  13. I used to use MG JHP and never had any issues with that bullet profile. Then switched to the MG CMJs for two reasons. I like to tumble after loading to get the lube off plus extra shiny rounds make me happy. The JHP lets corn cob get stuck in the HP and its a PIA to get it out. The other reason was if on the very off chance I had a AD in my leg or foot drawing the gun or holstering - while it would suck getting hit with a 9 major round in the back of my mind the CMJ might suck a little less.
  14. CO forum would be nice While we are asking for things I want to put the magwell on my CO X5 legion Thanks
  15. I have several for the M&P 15-22 that are very dependable. Back in the slide fire days this was one of my favorite range toys. The drums were lots of fun just a PIA to load
  16. At 1:22 in the vid I thought why is he shooting with part of the squad downrange??? I realize they were not really down range but more trusting of you with the bump-o-matic than I might be. I would have taken a few more steps back The ATF dude was sweet!
  17. I have always used lil gun for 300 blk. 110 sierra HP varmit 20.1 gr and 220 eld-x 8.0 gr are my super and sub loads. Both very accurate and work in my ar pistol suppressed. The subs will not always lock back on an empty mag unsuppressed
  18. Keep the bolt and carrier reasonably clean as well as those areas inside of the receiver and your MPX will work great slip 2000 and/or rem oil works for me
  19. For 10 bucks I'm giving this a go https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0096QXC1S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  20. And thank you for the link Several good ideas
  21. I remembered it being discussed. Just checking to see if anyone has found the perfect solution. Not gonna load my drum again without getting something to make it easier
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