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  1. I'll give that a shot. I really don't care to "upgrade" the handguard, I just really dislike the wobble. Obviously such wobble is more than cosmetic unlike the wobble between and upper and lower
  2. I finally cut and posted my video of an unboxing and look at the internals. I think it's a "gen3". Is this the bag you guys got? It looks cheap as s#!t and isn't Sig branded...
  3. This isn't about shooting through the walls which is clearly a PE per shot. There is no penalty for walking through the wall. At best, REF due to the wall preventing you from passing through and reshoot.
  4. I might actually try some variation of this. I think it's pretty repeatable but perhaps will use two hands, but not actually shoulder it. See how each performs. That would cover perhaps the two extremes of form, my best possible form as in the video, vs worst realistic possible form, not actually shouldering the rifle.
  5. I'm wondering what to test specifically that's repeatable actually. I was thinking perhaps 3 targets, doubles on each. But that's really subject to the quality of my transitions, Perhaps movement? double at 15 with forward movement. Do an average of a few drills to make up for the fact I might have pulled during a footfall. Maybe stock on belt, beep double. Which will simulate having a realistic standing double with less than perfect mount rather than what I did in the video.
  6. So I did the following test with my new MPX and my current AR9 build. AR9 just runs an 8oz buffer on a carbine spring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzlfJ_2ljlI Double tap at 15 yards, same ammo, tried my best to give as best of posture / control as I could on each. Basically my AR9 was performing slightly better on double taps compared to the MPX. Considering the money spent on the MPX, I was hoping for more. Perhaps I'm not testing realistically, that my hold in competition really isn't as consistent as when I do this test and with weaker holds the MPX is going to outshine the AR9? But... perhaps it's the hand-guard of the MPX? There's a lot of play in it out of the box. I sort of "shimmed" it using some hot glue in a few parts just to see if that would help, I think it did, but perhaps I need to get something more permanent. Perhaps I need to experiment with lighter / less perfect holds to compare between the two firearms?
  7. Sorry to dig this one up, but this came up today at a match. I still don't think there is a negative answer for this one. There is literally no penalty for defeating obstacles imaginary or real. Just because someone chooses to defeat an obstacle by using their feet to walk around, or defeat it by going over or under, I don't think there is any penalty available for HOW you do it as long as you do it safely.
  8. That's not true, the grip module IS the frame.
  9. I think the real question is... aren't they legal now in production? If I can switch the grip on my P320 to an X-Five legion grip/frame, why can you not do the same with a glock?
  10. That's the FCU sitting in an FCU chasis.
  11. I can replace the frame on my p320 and that's legal right?
  12. Yeah we need more pictures or something. Someone very familiar with the PCC model needs to do a tear down to see wether or not this is a PCC just missing the obvious components. I get to take a look at the one I want on Saturday again because Bass Pro screwed up my paper work... But I've never seen a PCC, I've just got a list of tell tale signs that one is gen 3 or not, ie. 2 part BCG, black recoil thingy instead of orange..
  13. is the bird cage pinned and welded? Could you share a picture of the charging handle? im doing more reading about the "gen 3" and there seem to be a lot more changes under the hood. the externally visible one is a threaded barrel vs pinned and welded. not that i care too greatly about the muzzle device but apparently the gas port size changed going to the pcc barrel. i didnt get a chance to look at that carefully. im just starting to wonder how much frankenstien is this thing..
  14. Thanks for the help guys, went to Bass Pro and the BCG was the 2 parter. unfortunately I live in the rapidly turning communist WA state, so will have to wait up to 30 days for local LEO to get through the paperwork. Seems like a great deal considering so many replace the components this doesnt have compared to the pcc.
  15. Is this what I'm looking for, the circular cut which the recoil guides slide into? https://sigtalk.com/sig-sauer-rifles/358792-mpx-pcc-bolt-carrier-change.html The prior gens it's a square cut right and cannot be removed?
  16. This will be my first time inspecting an MPX. I'm not sure how those will come apart? A picture would be really helpful.
  17. So I'm looking to grab this, the "noctis" mpx. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sig-sauer-mpx-noctis-semi-auto-rifle-with-red-dot-sight?searchTerm=Sig+Sauer+MPX+Noctis+Semi-Auto+Rifle+with+Red+Dot+Sight It's going for $1,279, with a red dot that I won't use. But it's absolutely a deal. It appears to be a PCC from the fact that it's using the new hand guard, and is missing a few upgrades that I'd be seeking to replace anyway * No Timney trigger (I'll be getting a hiperfire) * No muzzle brake (I don't think I care on 16") * Uses the collapsible stock instead of folding (I want a TTI M4 tube adapter and MOE-SL anyway) For the cost of the upgrades I actually want, this will come under the cheapest prices I've seen the PCC go out the door for. The real question though... is it a "gen3" and / or how can I tell when I see it in person? Planning on going to the store tomorrow.
  18. Ive put in an RMA with gunmagwarehouse. Couldnt tell if they plan to refund or replace, I want a refund, but knowing now there are 2 specs in the wild... lets see if somehow the mag gets... better after the RMA...
  19. Im only running glock big sticks and was wondering what people are running / recommending as far as mag pouches go. I like the look of daa racer with pcc insert, but the is very new, what are people actually using and in which locations on their belt?
  20. ETS responded to my video. I wont be taking their offer as my mag still represents what customers are actually getting. -- I hate that you had a bad experience with the mags. We have shrunk down their specs after the initial release due to a larger amount of variation than we saw in our in house testing. I would like to send you one of our mags in our new spec to see how it works for you. If this is acceptable to you please email me back with your shipping and we will get it on the way.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9brPlqrrPno ETS didn't respond so I published my video showing the problems as is. hard pass on these guys, not even useful for dry fire.
  22. these mags are hot garbage! ive reached out to ets for comment before posting my hot take.
  23. This is my understanding of the rules as well. You would be arguing that you are re-engaging that target from the next POC. The final POCs fault line however is effectively the end of the stage, there's no out for shooting on the otherside of that last fault line.
  24. My PSA AKV is easily my most reliable gun. But... it's only pistol configuration so you'll need the taccom barrel extension or SBR to get a stock on it. This being said, it's really not that cheap. My PSA AR9 has been reliable, with the main caveat, those glock mags (like any other) do not like getting dirty. That's the main source of problems As with anything PSA, look for anything with a thread, undo it, loctite and torque it down.
  25. Shot 1 match so far with the pair I got. It was just IDPA though so not many rounds down range. Another USPSA match on Sunday.
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