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  1. Ordered... I'm wondering if this will still be as reliable at feeding steel.
  2. Yeah same. I don't know what a J hook is. I do run titanium pins...
  3. Where do I get my hands on that stuff? I definitely like his article. I even tried ATF, but man, smells way too much compared to Mobil 1.
  4. Thanks for the input guys, it seems to me that nobody at least whome said something here, thinks it's reasonable to abide by all fault lines from all PoCs at all times.
  5. So when the SO issued the PE, he said that you have to abide by all fault lines from all PoCs. This strikes me as odd but defendable interpretation of the rules. For me, PoC is mutually exclusive. You may be able to physically stand in a single place and be in multiple PoCs at a time, but for the purpose of faulting, only one fault line can be used to determine if you are in or out and that's defined by which target you are engaging. The alternative, is that you have to abide by all fault lines on the stage at all times. I don't think the rule book has anything to support one interpretation over the other explicitly, but it certainly makes stage design much harder with a "all fault lines" approach since it would be very easy to end up making stages that simply cannot be shot, like my example where only at position C are you within all fault lines, but cannot see any targets. Is this covered in match admin?
  6. Thanks for the input, but it's still basically the opposite of what I'm trying to get to the bottom of. If I shoot from a, target T1, do I get a PE for faulting the cover line eminating from P2? If I shoot from b, target T1, do I get a PE for faulting the cover line eminating from P3? I completely understand that it's possible to be behind all cover lines on a stage at one time, my question is do you HAVE to be behind all cover lines at all times and failing that get a foot fault PE.
  7. But in such an instance, you are not asked to respect all lines of cover at all times. You're picking a side, and your respecting the fault line attached to that cover. What I'm asking about, is if you are to engage a target, can you be subject to other fault lines beyond the one attached to the PoC you are firing from? ie. like in my diagram, fault lines extending from completely separate cover objects / poc.
  8. PigSnowball

    P320 X5 Thread

    It also confirms DPP footprint and Romeo1 Pro having a DPP footprint... I wonder where the Sig Romeo 2? MAX sits ...
  9. PigSnowball

    P320 X5 Thread

    Does anyone have the spec sheet that's just a thumbnail in this? It looks like a metalish frame, so... how much weight exactly? Whoop, just saw the osage county page, 43.5OZ!!!
  10. I've been using those sleeves for golf for a few years now. They are wonderful. The white does a great job of reflecting the sun's energy, it literally feels cool when you wear them. And not applying as much sunscreen means your hands aren't as... gooey for golf..... ahem... shooting. Amazon has a lot of options for those sleeves, like 3 pair for $10 kinda thing. I have a few of them in every bag I own in case I'm caught out by the freak occurrences of burning hot sun here in PNW.
  11. WSB: Starting at P1, draw and engage T1. Proceed through the stage shooting available targets from cover. For the purpose of this diagram I've included hypothetical positions A,B and C where a shooter is engaging T1 from the cover of P1. A is inside the fault line of P1, outside of the fault line projected by P2, inside of the fault line projected by P3 B is inside the fault line of P1, inside of the fault line projected by P2, outside of the fault line projected by P3 C is inside the fault line of P1, insideof the fault line projected by P2, inside of the fault line projected by P3, but also can no longer has T1 visible to the shooter. Please explain what you think should happen. Please assume this stage is already built, and you are the shooter that has just been issued a penalty and you've asked the RO, what rule was broken? If you are adamant that this stage design is simply illegal, please provide the rule that the stage designer needed to abide by. This happened to a shooter this weekend on a similar stage.
  12. Yes, that would be an example (of potentially many examples) of a stage where more than one fault line is on the stage. Beyond the fault line of your immediate PoC, another fault line could be eminating from another PoC on the other side of the bay, a dozen yards away). Could you as a shooter engaging a single target, be required to respect more than the singular fault line emanating from the PoC you are utilizing to shoot that target with? What rule supports the use of multiple fault lines per PoC or shooting position?
  13. Me standing and firing upon a single target, are there legal stage layouts in which I will be required to respect multiple fault lines to fire upon that target and not receive a PE?
  14. Can a shooter, be subject to multiple fault lines while engaging a target? Please refer to rules that support this. I have my own thoughts but I don't want to taint the jury pool... and I'm not an SO.
  15. Which prizms stand out? I have 3 different prizm lenses but I'm not sure if I see a difference.
  16. It does take significant practice, initially it'll only be faster for 1 target, but as you get better at transitions you can take a few more targets from the hip without it being faster to simply shoulder. My cross over is 3 targets. 4 targets it's faster to shoulder.
  17. Yup. the laser'd hip shots definitely take practice. I also find the laser quite useful when hitting close targets and you are running at quickly. It can be less movement to NOT shoulder the stock (and hence the need for the laser sight).
  18. I'd switch to them but in extended mags 21rd pmags mags anyway, they don't lift to the lips. Nothing wrong with the ammo. If I was shooting production, no problem. Perhaps in metal mags they stick less.
  19. Yeah agreed. So, Froglube is coconut oil allegedly and definitely seems to behave like it. So vegetable based oils are great for cleaning, and will lubricate. But when exposed to air and heat, do not have much of a life expectancy and will actually turn rancid. You are absolutely not first (or will be the last story) of experiencing frog lube turning into a sludge. I still do like vegetable oils for cleaning, especially because they are non-toxic. But they are not... stable... I think the chemistry term is.. I fully concur that with the only downfall of it being toxic, mobil 1 motor oil is applied easily and is easy to wipe off (with all the carbon and fouling suspended in the oil). No real "cleaning" needs to be done. On a side note... Mobil 1 is not longer fully synthetic unless you by the "extended life" version of the motor oil. Regular mobil 1 is actually isomerize crude oil as it's base oil to achieve greater purity and yield.
  20. Yeah I'm running a brownells slide... Still looking.. I don't really want to get a custom made but it's starting to look that way..
  21. I have done testing on 16 different factory ammos commonly bought in bulk across three different pistols (M&P, Glock, Sig P320). And my findings concur with yours, Tula is genuinely very accurate stuff. Out of the 16, tula was the most accurate in 2 pistols and 2nd most accurate in 1 pistol.
  22. Thanks for sharing man. Shows excellent character to be able to share our low lights.
  23. Grease (any grease, lithium based if you're asking for anything specific, but seriously, any grease pretty much works for firearms) for spots that have load bearing, impact or shear force. SO grease on the sliding components of the bolt, faces of impact areas, hammer disconnector, impact face of the firing pin. A light coat of Oil pretty much anywhere else you see wear or is a moving component. Which oil? Mobil1 Motor Oil (or any motor oil) 0W-x or 5W-x (it doesn't need to be thick). It obviously has the lubrication needed under severe conditions but valuably comes with a very well developed (and proven) additives package that contains detergents and displacers for lifting and suspending carbon especially but other dirt and wear material in the oil. It also obviously has other additives specifically targeting the metal itself from corrosion and anything else. A good oil like Mobil 1 will ensure that carbon build up simply does not take place. My clean up of the barrel face (and everything else) consists of only wiping off the old oil using paper towels leaving clean shinny metal (I have a stainless barrel). I also see good things about ATF, which is the same base oils as motor oils, however the additive package is far more significant as many ATFs are designed for the life of a car. Part of this is because the ATF isn't subject to the same peak temperatures as the motor oil, but they absolutely do have more sophisticated additives to target all forms of wear and lifetime maintenance issue like keeping the surface of metals clean from crap and stay lubricated. Basically, the maintenance cycle of a car. Don't let it run dry. Change oil at a regular interval. No elbrow grease is needed to clean engines (or the firearm).
  24. So I already know that most Glock 17 holsters will not fit a P80. Sooo... what works? Right now my bladetek for an M&P actually does fit although is about a half inch from engageing properly, it still covers and friction holds it in place. Some have recommended getting a glock 21 sized holster?
  25. Both the steel and titanium AR9 firing pins from PSA have unconditional lifetime warranties. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-ar-9-enhanced-firing-pin-116003.html https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-9mm-ar9-pcc-titanium-firing-pin-116004.html I like to think that because the selling price is so cheap, they are unlikely to be looking to make money purely on just a replacement service. There's likely way less margin on these than a single RMA claim would cover... This all being said, I'm about to switch to a hiperfire and a spare firing pin is absolutely in my range bag... I don't have any spare firing pin springs though..... haven't found a place to buy them...
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