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New Models Up: S&W PC CORE M2.0 Models


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15 hours ago, Honeybooboo said:

Saw that. I don’t get the ported models because they aren’t legal in anything but I guess people like them for range plinkers. 

Technically, they're legal for Open. Far, far from ideal . . . but legal.


I also bought a PC upper for a hot price. I swapped the barrel and run it in CO.


Legal per the Production List provided that the barrel is replaced with a non-ported version




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On 1/7/2020 at 9:24 PM, matt7184 said:



5", 4.25" models and both with ported models available as well.  The overtravel adjustment seems interesting.  


Interestingly enough, I noticed that my frame (old school 1.0 with no frame lock) has a small square hump on the frame that lines up with there the overstop would probably go. I suppose you could modify a non-PC frame to accept that overstop. If you can find that bar or a similar substitute.


Another option that worked for me (up until my trigger looped broke, maybe it couldn't take the heat?) is to drop some weld on the tab that hits the striker block and shape it.


I'm weird and have become accustomed to a forward set trigger. The downside of not running a forward set sear (i.e., I opened the loop to make it engage the sear sooner) is that there is a lot of overtravel. I opted for the weld solution a couple of years ago--before the Production rule changes. It was the internal kit, welded overstop, and a stock external trigger. It was pretty sweet up until the trigger bar loop broke. 


I think the 2.0's have a different mechanism for actuating the sear--no more loop. I also saw a thread in a nother forum where someone dropped-in a 2.0 housing and trigger bar into a 1.0. I might mess around with that just for fun.


Another overstop solution that I've heard of is a set screw placed somewhere in or around the sear housing block--another internal solution.

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I am miffed as to why S&W does not offer a non PC, non-ported carry optics ready pistol?  Seems crazy that they don't (let me know if i missed something).  I just want to buy a regular M&P 2.0 (4.25 or 5" barrel) with the CORE setup.. can't find it on their website...  S&W is forcing me to look at Glock and Sig... not sure why they are soooo slow on the carry optics front.

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