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  1. There are also extensions from Taran Tactical and Floyd's Custom--and probably more than just those companies. I would say that a big consideration would be the method of disassembly. Some use screws & plates while others use pins & set screws.
  2. I've seen @lstange post some interesting stats based on pulled data in a thread or two. An interesting variable (in addition to the time elapsed since the quoted post) would be the high hit factor change that happened a year or so ago. There was a thread somewhere with a table of the change between the old HHF and new HHF.
  3. Yes, I saw it on several FB pages Here is hicap.
  4. Interesting. I just competed at a Section Match this weekend and the general "look" for staff was: RO's wore a red version of the match shirt (competitors received a light blue version). The only deviation that I saw was that some of the RO's were sporting an NROI jersey and the Range Master had a personal jersey. In essence, none of the helpers (aside from the Range Master) were wearing a personal shirt or jersey. It was apparent enough that a competitor could quickly identify someone on staff. That has been a consistent experience across the level 2's that I have been to this year.
  5. An uncaptured guide rod makes it easier to switch springs--if that's your thing. It was really interesting being able to get 100pf bunny fart loads to run with a worn 11lb spring for Steel Challenge (then again, I ran the stock assembly with 135pf USPSA load and hit two personal bests after an extended vacation from SC). I am liking my current setup for 132pf with a 13lb spring. Maybe someday I'll pull the stock assembly apart, toss in a 13 lb spring and lock it down. Or maybe I'll just keep using the uncaptured rod. Edit: someone beat me to it by being more "straight to the point"
  6. I kind of "hardcoded" the habit of pulling my finger out when moving from position, reloading, and addressing malfunctions from the start. Even when I was new to shooting (about 4 years ago). I felt it was just a good habit (along with being part of the rules). Then I slipped off of a bianchi barricade. Finger outside of trigger guard and kept the muzzle safely away from me and everyone else. Good thing I stayed disciplined on the safety side.
  7. "But I can't run my Roland Special!?" -tactical dudes. Yes, I know: comp = open
  8. Check out this thread. Glock rods seem to work.
  9. I'm guessing that they not supposed to be sold to anyone. The practiscore page for all of them state "SLOTS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE" As for enforcement . . .
  10. Not sure what you mean by "maximized". I have all the Apex stuff, but honestly, learning to love and work with the gun (in whatever state it's in) is what's counts. I don't think there's a good way to add any weight (aside from externally and that's a no-go for CO). I toyed around with the idea of somehow adding weight by molding a backstrap from heavy-weight putty and maybe filling in the small recesses under the guide rod. I ditched that idea and just shot the dang thing. It hasn't been a tough transition since I started in Production around 4 years ago and stuck with the same M&P. I swapped out parts as time went on, but the key (for me, at least) was sticking with the same gun. I think if you stick with it you'll be just fine.
  11. Congrats on making it out to a match! A general observation: Refine your grip. It looks like you are "re-gripping" with your weakhand on many of your shots--notice your weakhand thumb bouncing around. As you progress, you will find 3rd person footage to be very helpful for reviewing your movement. It doesn't have to be anything special; the vast majority of smart phones have perfectly acceptable cameras. The trick is to make sure that whoever you ask (politely!) to record you gets your whole body. Your legs and feet will tell us a lot. Oh, and uhhhh . . . you could probably cut a lot of time by leaving out the "make ready" and "unload show clear" portion of your video
  12. In 2013 I bought an M&P. I should have picked up a couple--that was the last year on the roster (Tere Hanges rears its ugly head every year) That's all for me. Unless you consider a PC slide (for Carry Optics) to be an evolution.
  13. I've seen OEM barrels on eBay. They tend to get buried between the aftermarket barrel listings. Have you also checked the big dealers (e.g., Midway or Brownells)?
  14. I took the easy route and stuck with my production setup (M&P) except with a Performance Center slide I got for cheap. The rules allow for an overall weight (gun + optic + empty magazine) of 45oz. Slide porting is allowed. That helps heavier guns like the Shadow 2 get into Carry Optics. There are a couple of newcomers to the market since 2017: Walther Q5 and Q5 Steel Frame (No DA pull to worry about) Canik is another polymer option. CZ also offers its P10 in a Carry Optics ready setup Sig is offering the X5 Legion with tungsten powder added to the grip module to make it heavier. The skeletonized trigger looks neat. ZEV has an offering that looks like it's geared towards CO--not sure if they have made the "production/sales minimum". It runs glock mags, so that's a plus. I suppose the standard advice still applies: If you're starting from scratch: ask a range buddy if you can try their gun for a bit (and be sure to ask of any additional work that has been done.). You might be surprised by a gun that you weren't initially interested in. I tried my buddy's Shadow 2 CO setup and thought it was great, but it had a some aftermarket parts that would add to the price tag. If you're already in Production division: your current setup will probably work (mounting the optic is probably the biggest "hurdle"). It comes with the bonus of familiarity. Honestly, the gun that's going to be best is the one that keeps you interested.
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