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  1. I shot my buddy's Steel Master for a few months (I'm a production diehard and they wanted to see what would happen). I ended up using my Production load which was 3.3 grains of Red Dot under a 147 grain coated bullet. This load chrono'd at 134PF at the Top Gun Championship out of a 4.25" M&P. In the Steel Master it was pretty violent and dot bounced quite a bit. I upped the powder charge to 3.5/3.6 (It's a Lee Autodisk so there's only so much fine tuning available). It steadied the dot, but the smoke/soot/residue was nuts. In the following video a Production shooter
  2. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/286083-camera-while-shooting-comps/ I opted for a firefly q6. Nice and low profile (sits on the underside of the whichever hat I want to wear. I'm using a belt clip as opposed to drilling, so I can easily move it. https://www.facebook.com/Rez805/videos/10105269401618775/ There is a built-in gyro/stabilizer but it's not as good as a GoPro. Depending on how to wear your hat you can even catch if you had your finger in the trigger guard. https://youtu.be/R9a1a1yv5Ys
  3. Yep. In somewhat related trivia: The adoption of the Gregorian Calendar resulted in an interesting September in 1752.
  4. I just checked mine and it doesn't have any wear.
  5. Oh no, they didn't abandon the CORE models. In fact, there was quite a bit of hype/excitement/"when will we see these in stock!!!!???" surrounding the 2.0 CORE release. I think there was a thread about someone making a heavyweight version of the backstrap. I'll dig it up. Edit:
  6. Yes, my lens gets a bit sooty after a while. I tend to wipe it down during make ready if it really bothers me. Aside from that, it appears that a Sig Romeo 3 Max covers the majority of the hole with little to no impact on ejection. Someone posted a great set of pictures recently in this subforum As for a permanent fix? Perhaps dropping a bit of weld on the hole and filing it to make sure it clears the slide. Edit: I'm not sure if filling the hole will affect functionality, but it doesn't strike me as a hazard.
  7. CORE models are available for the 1.0 and 2.0 (probably tough to find a 2.0 at this point). In addition, you can have a regular slide milled for a specific mounting pattern of you prefer a specific dot without having to deal with plates. I don't know of a quick and easy replacement part. The only replacement that comes to mind involves adding a magwell--obviously a no-go for CO. Ifyou think about its function (it holds the backstrap in place) you might consider ditching the existing backstrap and filling the the frame with some compound (e.g. tungsten putty) and add a l
  8. I ran the hinged trigger for a couple of years. I ended up using their polymer curved trigger with the competition internals (non-forward set sear, but the loop is open so the break-point is pretty far forward . . . it just has a ton of overtravel). The flat face is pretty nice from what I recall (I shot a buddy's setup for a match with the flat face + forward set sear kit). Very nice break and short reset. I don't have much experience with the sig/Glock, so I can't really make any comparisons. I don't think you're really at a disadvantage with a 4.25". My loads are co
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing fewer arrays comprised of 2 "no shoot sandwiches" next to each other. Fortunately they don't appear too often where I go. I guess it's a bit of a pet peeve.
  10. IIRC, the Manny Stomp Pad was at the 2019 Area 6 Championship. I saw a video with Hwansik K. Please note: I don't want this video to be sole reference point--it's just the only video that popped up in my head and it does show it in action. It's a neat design and you can have some fun with it in a stepping-stone/the grass is lava kind of way.
  11. .224 Weatherby? Edit: probably not. Shoulder looks too "normal".
  12. From this weekend jTWRyuG2wdk I ended up doing a PIP for it. I elected to use the sound from the 3rd person view as it sounds "better". The 3rd person camera is a Hawkeye Firefly 8s.
  13. I agree that 3rd person footage is more helpful (think about footwork). If you want a low profile first person view, here's a setup I've been using: Hawkeye firefly q6 + Velcro + Tandy leather belt clip + hat
  14. I don't know that there's a specific rule to cite, but one thing that happens from time to time: the squad behind you catches up and there are people from that squad in the shooting area trying to do a walk-through during the reset.
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