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  1. Good question. I wasn't sure so I looked it up. Hexagonal Boron Nitride is a coating that is supposed to help prevent copper fouling (which I found interesting) and increase barrel life. Edit: it appears to be pretty slick/slippery so that might have been the OP's line of thinking: perhaps coating the bullets (or mags) might have a benefit (e.g., mags drop easier)? I found the copper fouling portion to be interesting as I generally only load pistol rounds and have used bullets with most of the coatings out there (Hi-Tek, polymer, ceramic, moly) that coated bare lead. Perhaps coating copper bullets is a rifle thing? http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2018/02/hexagonal-boron-nitride-hbn-for-bullet-coating/
  2. Interestingly enough, I noticed that my frame (old school 1.0 with no frame lock) has a small square hump on the frame that lines up with there the overstop would probably go. I suppose you could modify a non-PC frame to accept that overstop. If you can find that bar or a similar substitute. Another option that worked for me (up until my trigger looped broke, maybe it couldn't take the heat?) is to drop some weld on the tab that hits the striker block and shape it. I'm weird and have become accustomed to a forward set trigger. The downside of not running a forward set sear (i.e., I opened the loop to make it engage the sear sooner) is that there is a lot of overtravel. I opted for the weld solution a couple of years ago--before the Production rule changes. It was the internal kit, welded overstop, and a stock external trigger. It was pretty sweet up until the trigger bar loop broke. I think the 2.0's have a different mechanism for actuating the sear--no more loop. I also saw a thread in a nother forum where someone dropped-in a 2.0 housing and trigger bar into a 1.0. I might mess around with that just for fun. Another overstop solution that I've heard of is a set screw placed somewhere in or around the sear housing block--another internal solution.
  3. Technically, they're legal for Open. Far, far from ideal . . . but legal. I also bought a PC upper for a hot price. I swapped the barrel and run it in CO. Legal per the Production List provided that the barrel is replaced with a non-ported version
  4. Off the top of my head, Griffin Armament makes a set that can be 45 degree offset or inline. Here's a link to the set that is 45 degree only. https://www.griffinarmament.com/m2-sights-with-angle-kit-no-vertical-plates/ I'm sure there are more out there. Edit: here's the article from recoilweb. You'll have to scroll down to get to the offset section. https://www.recoilweb.com/back-up-iron-sights-78135.html
  5. I'm pretty sure someone at our range whipped these up. Demo:
  6. We used those a lot until we bought a compressor and air hammers. They work pretty well. I'll swing by the range and take a couple of photos. It's basically a pipe with the end piece of a crowbar on one end and a collar at the top that acts as a guard. A bar that fits into the pipe serves as the stake driver. I don't have any fab experience, but I'm sure there are some considerations to make the extraction end work well.
  7. *Class up (make M in Production, and A/M in Carry Optics) *Beat the people I didn't beat last time (3-5 level 2's on the horizon with a lot of the same competitors) *Gain a better understanding of my "tolerance level" for shooting accurately/precisely at differing distances at differing speeds. Basically, shoot "doubles" at various distances and develop an intuitive feel for the situations where I can be completely target focused vs sight focused vs "somewhere in-between". *Faster hand speed for reloads without sacrificing control *Work on short movement (I tend to drag my feet into position) *Transition seamlessly between irons and a dot. I had a trainwreck of a match after shooting CO. When I went back to Production, all I did was see the fiber and I didn't realize that I was shooting way too high. I think I had 8 or so Mike's from shooting over some targets (often times they had No-shoots or hardcover) at a Level 2. My time/speed was solid, but the penalties were outrageous.
  8. Hogue sponsored several majors this year, but we only ever brought out the knives and accessories at the booth--grips and certs are the usual "random draw prize". I wonder if I can talk them into putting one on the next prize table. I wonder if people would go for it.
  9. Yes, the OP was very involved in that thread. It's been a few months and it seems like he's reflecting on his first few matches and trying to decide which direction to go.
  10. According to the 2018 Limited/L10 survey (I'm not sure what the sample size was--or if the 2019 survey has been released), yes there are competitors who run factory ammunition. https://uspsa.org/magazine/view//2019-00#page=45 The top manufacturer was Federal. I would imagine it's the Syntech Action Pistol. The other top manufacturers were T1 and Atlanta Arms. I would imagine that Federal Syntech Action Pistol has the best chance of being found at popular online distributors which increases the possibility of periodic discounts--if that's a factor.
  11. The magwell looks very similar to the Floyd Custom magwell. Their website notes that TTI basepads don't work. They do offer 140mm basepads of their own design. Edit: even the slide work looks like Floyd Custom.
  12. There are also extensions from Taran Tactical and Floyd's Custom--and probably more than just those companies. I would say that a big consideration would be the method of disassembly. Some use screws & plates while others use pins & set screws.
  13. I've seen @lstange post some interesting stats based on pulled data in a thread or two. An interesting variable (in addition to the time elapsed since the quoted post) would be the high hit factor change that happened a year or so ago. There was a thread somewhere with a table of the change between the old HHF and new HHF.
  14. Yes, I saw it on several FB pages Here is hicap.
  15. Interesting. I just competed at a Section Match this weekend and the general "look" for staff was: RO's wore a red version of the match shirt (competitors received a light blue version). The only deviation that I saw was that some of the RO's were sporting an NROI jersey and the Range Master had a personal jersey. In essence, none of the helpers (aside from the Range Master) were wearing a personal shirt or jersey. It was apparent enough that a competitor could quickly identify someone on staff. That has been a consistent experience across the level 2's that I have been to this year.
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