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PCC Buffer question

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Take a look at the JP silent capture spring, it allows for tuning of the weight and none of that annoying spring in buffer sound. You can even get a short stroke version if that’s what your looking for. Really the only downside is the cost. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and am really liking it.

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Mbx, shooting innovation, and blitzkriegs 5150hd are all great. 


jp requires a vice, piece of leather and a heating device to change weights.


Also when using a jp 5 weight short stroke buffer if you’re using an elf, Ar gold 308 or Ar gold pcc trigger you have to take the trigger group out of the pcc, to take the buffer in or out of the  buffer tube

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22 hours ago, JsK said:

Blitz 5150hd , Blitz buffer weight and a JP 308 rifle spring is pretty close to a plug and play. It gets better with short stroking but at that point your technique is going matter more than buffer voodoo.


+1 to this.


I run the same exact setup with 143pf ammo (16" barrel) and the rifle runs great. I'm pretty sure it even ran all the way down to 105pf 147gr when testing different loads and still worked, sluggish but works.

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