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  1. https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=CE-PCC-MP&coda-evolution-swift-pcc-magazine-pouches- Code Evolution 5.5" PCC mag pouch is great for big sticks especially with extensions.
  2. +1 to this. I run the same exact setup with 143pf ammo (16" barrel) and the rifle runs great. I'm pretty sure it even ran all the way down to 105pf 147gr when testing different loads and still worked, sluggish but works.
  3. As long as your weight doesn't go over 45oz I don't see why not....although, it's not a true OE frame/grip module so there's that.
  4. The only pic I really have of my belt, but I have 2 CODA Swift 5.5" PCC mag pouches on my belt and 1 black scorpion knock-off mag pouch. The CODAs are at roughly 2 and 11 o'clock while the pistol one is just shy of noon. CODAs are horizontal so I can rip mags out like a drawing a sword since they're in (to me) fairly efficient reload spots in terms of location to the gun and so on. The BS pistol pouch usually has 140mm mag for classifier reloads or last resort if I'm just god awful for some reason. Typically I'll make-ready from the left CODA. The CODAs are great especially for mags with longer base pads like my MBX mini. Firm hold, the 3 thick bands keep then in place so they don't bounce like crazy when running. Although I will say the pistol pouch in the middle makes bending over with a dad-bod a little challenging sometimes
  5. DPP 2.5 MOA dot all day. I had an R1 and love the larger DPP window.
  6. Sorry for the delay, winter is here in New England and make it's a bit tougher to get to the range with daylight being gone by 4:30 and it being 20 outside. Matches are only indoors and like once per month. Luckily I shot one yesterday morning. This may be long winded but I want to give as much detail with my experience as I can and I'm sure that's what most are looking for when it comes to asking how a product is! TL:DR - I like the CMC more than the AR Gold Anyways, I got some more rounds through my PCC with the AR Gold PCC Trigger. Thanksgiving morning I brought my gun to the range with my 143pf loads (125gr Blue Bullet RN 3.6g titegroup), and I brought a Sprinco Orange 308 carbine length buffer spring and a new frontier buffer spacer with me so I could tune everything; as I mentioned before, when I first put it together my second round would not fire due to failure to reset (Blitzkrieg 5015HD buffer, 2.6oz weight from Blitzkrieg, JP rifle length spring, JP bolt carrier, 16" barrel). I tried multiple configurations to get a reliable running gun, ultimately I settled on just swapping out the JP Rifle length 308 spring for the Sprinco Orange 308 Carbine length spring and keeping the short stroke setup. It ran great at the range and I shot it again Saturday afternoon with friends with zero hiccups outside while it was about 30 degrees. Sunday I ran the gun at a match and on the first stage I had at FOUR failures to reset on a 58 round stage. After that I ran to a safe table and put my setup BACK to being just the 5015HD and the JP Rifle Length 308 spring and finished the match without a problem however a bit more dot bounce. I MIGHT be able to get it to run better with the short stroke setup and a JP Carbine length 308 spring as it's a bit weaker than the sprinco, which I would imagine will allow slightly more bolt travel to reset the trigger. My first problem with the this trigger is that I have to reconfigure my entire recoil system to make it reliable. I shouldn't haven't have to tune my PCC to my trigger. My CMC, I never had a problem with ANY recoil system configuration in terms of reset and function - I think this is due to the design of the hammer. AR Gold's website gives PCC bolt carrier examples and essentially the JP is best for it, which I have...and still have problems. My second problem that I initially thought might help me, is the bit of take up; as mentioned before, there's about a 1mm to 1.5mm (maybe 2) take up before it breaks. AR Gold mentions it's like a fine 1911 trigger...I've felt 1911 triggers with much less take up. While the break and reset are crisp, I feel like this take up screws with my splits a bit; keep in mind with that statement I have thousands of rounds through my CMC and probably 700 through the AR Gold. In all honesty, I like the CMC more and I was able to have a recoil system configuration I liked a lot more. The AR Gold isn't bad, but the fact that I have to reconfigure my gun to make it work is a bit of a turn off. Currently my CMC is back in Texas because I was talking them about occasional trigger freeze experience and I wasn't sure if it was me or the trigger, they asked me to send it back to them anyways so they can check it out. I was hoping it was a "fix the customer, not the trigger" scenario but their customer service is great and they want to do everything they can. To wrap up, in my opinion I think the CMC PCC trigger is better and more reliable than the AR Gold Trigger. The AR Gold trigger might work great in long stroke non-competition setups but when you're dealing with finely tuning your PCC for competition and using crazy buffer setups, it doesn't seem to be the best option especially for a short stroked gun and lower power factor ammo. My PCC was setup great, and it's going back to that setup.
  7. Peltor Tactical 100s. I have no problems with them at all for cheek weld and they're all around awesome. Just get some gel cups for added all day comfort.
  8. yeah it’s a lot of preload on a rifle length spring but makes a softer shooter with quick cycling. I imagine doing just a spring swap will fix this little situation since I’m lightening the overall rate as you said. I thought I read somewhere that the JP carbine is slightly more powerful than the Sprinco so I may have to get the JP as well and find what works best
  9. Alright I got to a practice last night and ran the trigger for about 50 rounds or so. A little foreshadowing on my setup: I'm running 16" JP barrel with a JP bolt, Blitzkrieg 5015HD buffer, a 2.6oz weight from Blitzkrieg, a JP 308 rifle length buffer spring, and 143pf ammo. It is a short stroke setup. The bolt carrier I'm using is the main example on the AR Gold web page regarding PCC bolt compatibility. I had failure to reset about 5 times or so - bolt would cycle, pull the trigger, nothing happens - rack it back and continue for maybe another 8-10 rounds before it would happen again. I've never had a problem with CMC and haven't changed my load OR my buffer set up. I had two theories once I found experienced this: 1. I'm overrunning the pre-travel and not letting the trigger reset 2. The buffer/bolt aren't going back far enough to push the hammer down enough to catch for the rest. I decided to pull out the 2.6oz weight and run our practice stage again and had zero issues. I decided that I'm going to pull out the rifle length buffer spring and install my Sprinco Orange (308 carbine length) spring and run it this weekend at the range to see if it's more reliable. Other than the function hiccups, the trigger is very crisp and breaks like glass. Maybe I'll bring my CMC with me and do a comparison video to get up since there aren't many floating around on youtube. Hope some of this info helps!
  10. So my AR Gold PCC trigger came in on Monday, I just got around to installing it tonight. Since I mentioned that I have a CMC PCC trigger I just want to start with saying it has basically ZERO take up and comes in at maybe 2lbs 10 oz. The AR Gold PCC trigger has maybe maybe 1-2mm of take up, very small but it’s there. The trigger comes in at 2.5lbs flat. While no take up on the CMC is nice, I feel like it’s led me to trigger freeze because I’m not finding the reset for some reason, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the AR Gold performs at the range. Maybe the Gold is more slap friendly because of that take up and if/when I slap the CMC I’m beating the reset? I’m gonna try to get out to the range Saturday and get some rounds through it and see the difference and report back!
  11. I'm wary about ETS magazines. It was the only mag I had when I first started PCC. I had a 31 with an MBX mini on it and it was pretty good until I dropped it once....after that one time hitting the ground it wasn't really the same after. But for the price you can just keep replacing it for that matter!
  12. If you're unsure of PCC barrels without a feed ramp, just get the Taccom glock lower feed ramp that you install into the upper. I installed one in my upper made with a spikes slick side AR15 and a JP barrel, haven't had a single malfunction since I put in the ramp.
  13. Thanks @zzt, lots of great insight and I do like the idea of moving the weight back for transitions and not wanting to deal with a Form 1. Everything I have heard of the Wiland has been positive so far. I agree with the coated bullet part as well, I currently run Blue Bullet 125gr RN through my 16" with the comp and after a few hundred rounds of course I start getting build up and have to chisel it away. Todd over at Wiland also said the action tends to stay cleaner longer because of the lower pressure in the barrel so that's another enticing aspect of this style barrel. @Norther is your Guard an SBR or is it 8" with an extension to be 16" OAL? Why leave the Taccom in the safe now? Other than if it is an SBR, navigating a stage can much easier with a shorter barrel. As I mentioned I could slap the 8" on my AR15 SBR and put the glock mag conversion block in to achieve this although reloads on classifiers will becoming a little tougher with a different mag release setup.
  14. Hey all, I'm one of those guys who can't leave anything alone with my rifles and recently have been toying with two or three different ideas in terms of upper receivers and barrel options. For the past year and a half or so I've been running a 16" JP barrel with a venom defense muzzle brake so maybe my OAL is 17.5"? I also have a 14.5" with a 2.5" MBX-style comp as a backup upper. I was considering building an 8" PCC upper to install on my SBR and use a conversion mag block but then I got to thinking more on this, do I just get an 8" shroud from Taccom and have a lighter upper or do I abandon the whole SBR thing and look at the pistol length barrels with the shrouds to be compliant 16" and super light? (like the JP lightweight, Wiland LLW, and Taccom barrels with 5" rifling following by the extension) So my main question since I know everyone has different thoughts on this: -Stick with the 16" franken-JP upper? -Build an 8" SBR upper for in-state fun (and hassle when wanted to take it out of state for area matches) -Build an 8" upper with an 8" Taccom extension to be 16" and legal all over? -Go completely different with a Wiland/Taccom ultra light weight barrel? - I could run my CO loads in this and not have to make two different loads as well. What do you typically run and why? What have had you best results with?
  15. I have one coming soon and can let you know when I install it. Currently running a CMC PCC 3.5lb flat trigger and want to see how they stack up against each other in terms of break, reset, and overall performance.
  16. Lots of open guns are on the approved competition roster, that's how we got an X5 here as well. https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2019/10/03/Formal Target Shooting Roster 09-2019_1.pdf
  17. +1 - was waiting for this. If you can find one available that isn't price gouged, go for it. I don't even think they're available here in MA yet however the regular X5 is NLA so maybe Legion will replace it
  18. $165 is a decent price for a light barrel like that but how does it compare to other lightweight options such as Taccom, JP, and MBX in terms of accuracy? I know the JP and MBX are twice the price. The Wiland looks like like a 4" barrel with a permanent shroud/extension so I see how they got under a pound so I suppose a Taccom would be it's closest competitor in terms of pricing and design.
  19. Check out here: looks like a Sig P320 Legion R2 (revision 2?) has been released - note the photos don't have an LCI https://gunstuff.tv/product/sig-sauer-320x59legionr2-p320-9mm-luger-double-5-171-gray-polymer-grip-frame-legion-gray-stainless-steel-slide/
  20. Just keep in mind, the only problem with doing this to an extended release such as the springer precision one is that your holster will need to be modified to fit it. I didn't have to change a thing on either my Comp Tac or RHT holsters with the OE sig release and the G10 shadow 2 button.
  21. Page 109 section 21.6 (carry optics in this case) states "Sights, firing pins, firing pin retainers, pins, extractors, magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties, triggers, hammers, bushings, and ejectors MAY be replaced with OFM or aftermarket part" and doesn't specify the profile of the part being replaced. For example I put a GoGun *thumb rest [generic]* on my X5 and it doesn't count as a thumb rest because it's a modified slide stop/release. You're not changing the core function of the component, only modifying it for ease of use in a way. As @MemphisMechanic has mentioned in this post (or another post that this mag button has been mentioned) some of these have carried over to Production as well. Just need a magwell to be in legal in CO and it'll be true poor mans open
  22. Sorry got my posts mixed up, it’s here but page 109 of the rule book mentions it
  23. Scroll up or last page, I posted a screenshot of the ruling. In short, yes.
  24. I probably should've read and replied to this more than 10 minutes after waking up. Yes the thread pitch you will need is the same as the R1 (6-48 as mentioned) just a little longer as you said (3/4"). What I meant to say originally is that the R1 screws won't work with the DPP because of length (as we've discussed) but also the head type - R1 uses a fillister head screw to clamp the optic down in the screw hole/pocket of the optic while the DPP uses a weaver oval head so the tapered head clamps down on the optic that way. Sorry for any confusion.
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