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gsteve, matt distributor, help diagnose my revo mental illness (with pictures)


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A little background, I'm a 61 year old geezer that's had cataract surgery in both eyes. I started shooting USPSA in the late 80s /early 90s (SA P9) in Phoenix. I shot Rio and Cactus. (I even knew Dan "it's a double" Nigro).

I attained the rank of Grand C Class  :)But really haven't shot much pistol in the last 25 years.

At the beginning of this year my buddies in Phoenix convinced me to buy a S&W 627 PC, and get it race gunner-ized.

The Arizona Revolver Championship at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club is in a few weeks, so I thought now would be a good time to practice.

I set-up four tombstone targets at a measured 15 yards, and went at it. I even bought a timer to practice with.

I would draw, put two on the first target, two on the second target, two on the third target, and two on the fourth target.

I can't really double tap a revo at 15 yards, but I'm going as quickly as I can.

My problem is the first target looks like ****, the second target looks a little better, the third target looks even better, and the fourth target brings home the gold.

All the same speed, all the same sight picture.


Target 1




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You’re pushing a lot low left especially T1 and T2. Do you generally get excited when the timer first goes off? If so, maybe you’re pushing the gun before it’s going off on the draw? By the time you’re on T3 and T4 you’re going back to a better trigger press and not pushing the gun around.
Just my two cents, there’s plenty here that would know better than me though, so I would wait for others before taking that as gospel

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You'd find more of us revolver shooters in the revo forum, but I'll help.

Many folks get the sight picture they want and try to make the gun go bang before it moves. It's a revolver, the sights will move while you pull the trigger.

It takes time to pull the trigger, you need to aim -while- you're pulling the trigger not just before. As you get more comfortable you will find the trigger pull begins before the sight picture is finalized. To shoot a revolver in our game, you need to keep it running. Jerry's DVD covers this stuff and it's worth buying a copy.

In practice, shooting at match speed, pull the trigger straight back and aim during the pull. This next part is important, the trigger is released at the same speed it is pulled. The trigger swings back and forth in the trigger guard like a metronome. Same smooth trigger speed in both directions. The speed of the metronome varies with the target presentation.

Do -not- stage the trigger, this is not a bottom feeder. If you don't keep it smooth you will tend to snatch the trigger too aggressively on the pull, you will pull it off target.

There are no double taps. Two aimed shots. You must use a less precise aiming method on easy targets, but you need to place 2 aimed shots.

If you're in Eastern Colorado we can go to the range together.

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+1 to everything Pat said - he's given me lots of good advice, but this is probably the best.


My groups get better as I go on like yours do. I'll actually slow down my first two shot pairs if it's early in a match. Only a fraction of a second or so, but it helps me get everything locked in for the rest of the stage. I can even see some wobble in my dry fire on the first shots after the draw – working on it, though.

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Did an Anderson course and what was really neat (along with many things) -group shooting.

To put it simply aim the gun, quit aiming, and slowly pull the trigger.  Nice even pull, no speed here.  You'll see the sight wobble but DO NOT aim, left it drift naturally.  It's shocking how well you can shrink your groups. Especially in SHO/WHO.  The tendency in freestyle is to yank the trigger quickly when we see a perfect sight picture.


What I need to figure out is why at distance (didn't measure it last night)is  that I grouped a nice group- just 2.5" high from the center of the X ring. hmmm

Dryfire hauled my a** out of mid-C to just shy of A in 6 months. 

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Like I told you over on LABS, gotta work on your trigger pull.


No double taps. Two aimed shots. 15 yds just means you need a little more attention paid to the sights, but no less attention paid to the trigger pull.


All kinds of ideas on what's happening between targets 1, 2, 3, and 4... but that doesn't fix the problem. If it's the first two targets you need work on, then work on the first two targets.


Make sure your grip is consistent through the shooting process. Crappy grip out of the holster can certainly affect the first target or two, and as the grip settles during the drill your shots improve. Crappy grip after a reload can affect an entire clip worth of shooting. Perhaps there's a slight case of beeper lobotomy during the first few shots, then as you settle, the shots start falling into place.


I've spent a lot of time working on grip establishment. On the draw, after a reload, entering positions, etc... Grip being the support system for your trigger pull, which is what it all really comes down to.



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