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AZ State PCC Championship 2019

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The 3rd annual Arizona State Pistol Caliber Carbine Championship will be hosted by Rio Salado Sportsman's Club during the last weekend of September. The main match will be on Saturday/Sunday, plus there will be limited options to shoot the whole match in one day with the staff on Friday (if you prefer this option, please sign up even if no Friday squad slots are shown - we will consider releasing more slots as demand dictates).


We are grateful to Quarter Circle 10 for stepping up as the Title Sponsor again this year.


In 2019 you can look forward to the same successful formula we have brought you in previous years... your PCC skills will be tested to the max. There will be 10 challenging run-n-gun PCC-only stages, with targets ranging from 1 yard to over 100 yards. Ammo count is expected to be around 400 rounds. The generous prize table will be distributed by random draw during the match as each squad rotates through the prize/vendor demo area, and trophies will be awarded according to division participation.


You can read all about the 2018 match in the April edition of Dillon Blue Press (pages 36-39).


The match will be run under IMA-PCC rules (Time-Plus with Points). Equipment divisions will be as follows:


• Open Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine. No other restrictions.
• Limited Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine fitted with non-magnified sights only (red dots, irons and lasers OK). No bipods.
• Irons Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine fitted with iron sights only (no optics or lasers). No bipods.
• Modern Classic Division: Any semi-auto pistol caliber carbine based on a submachine gun designed prior to January 1st 1980. This includes popular post-war guns like the Uzi and MP5, but NOT the AR15/9. The general configuration of the firearm, including sighting system, must be reasonably faithful to the original (no optics or bipods unless original) and all magazines are limited to 30 rounds loaded.


Firearms must be fitted with a shoulder stock or pistol brace. Ammunition must be 9mm or larger, and muzzle velocity may not exceed 1600fps.


Registration is via PractiScore: REGISTRATION LINK. The match fee is $195 and includes a free match shirt (entries received after September 1st may not receive their choice of shirt size). Payment will be taken online during registration, and entry fees are fully refundable for any withdrawal requests received before 11pmMST on August 15th 2019. Once the match is filled, additional entrants will be placed on a wait list.

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The match is nearly full - just a handful of slots left. If you are on the fence, don't hesitate too long. The registration link is given above.

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