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Mag question for CZ75


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BLUF: Please Point me to reliable magazines for this pistol from a vendor that supports the sport.


Dipping a toe into the CZ 75 pool again. Haven’t had one for about a decade since I sold my 75B. 


Picked up one of the new-ish 75s with threaded barrel at fire sale price. Now I need some magazines. 


My admittedly weak search fu on this forum points to MEC-Gar. 


Please Point me to reliable magazines for this pistol from a vendor that supports the sport.  This platform is totally new to me; before a tragic canoe tipping incident I used to have ancient S&W revolvers and black aluminum rifles. 😂




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MecGar for sure.

The reason for the 17 round is the base pads - for base pad extensions that meet the 140mm limit for USPSA carry optics and limited class there are a few companies that have +2, +4 base pad extensions.

The extensions will work on the stock SP01 18 round, but it falls out of the 140mm size, unless you find a base pad extension for the 18 round. I think CZ Custom 

The MecGar are a great price also!!


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i hear alot of meg car support in here,i have meg car and i have cz mags,in canada we are limited to ten rounds,any time i use meg car inside or when practicing and dropping full mags the follower jams up spitting the bullets out or just being in a collapsed state, outside not as often as inside,cz mags dont do this,i prefer the cz for this reason

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32 minutes ago, practical_man said:

Showing my ignorance...


will the SP-01 or Shadow magazines fit the full size CZ 75 ?


i have no idea what the frame differences might be. 



No frame difference at all (with regard to magazine fit). The mags are the same. Like G17 vs G34 if you're familiar with that situation.

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67k through 8 stock SP01 mags plus dry fire, and they are still running w/o issue.  Mec Gars get a lot of positive comments here and can be found cheaper than stock SP01 mags.  I'll run the stocks until they quit on me and then decide.  Probably go with Mac Gar based on $ unless I find a deal on stock CZ SP01 mags.


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