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  1. The Blues come in .355" and .356"
  2. Two post are good. No porting no need for the shield.
  3. CZ85Combat

    P-01 Load data

    Your 4.1gr load of N320 will be about 128PF - 129PF in your P-01.
  4. Most likely you hammer hooks and sear are wearing out. setting the over travel screw with too little over travel does this. Time for a new hammer and sear.
  5. Some load testing today, Accu-Shadow, Sport Pistol, 125TC Blue Bullets @ 1.110 Mixed Brass 3.5gn avg fps 971. SD 12 spread 40 PF 121 3.6 avg fps 1002 SD 10 Spread 37. PF 125 3.8 avg fps 1043 SD 9 Spread 26 PF 130 4.0 avg fps 1067 SD 8 Spread 29 PF 133 Accu-Shadow, E3, 125TC Blue Bullets @ 1.120 Mixed Brass 3.6 avg fps 1042 SD 15 Spread 49 PF 130
  6. Both of my extended firing pins is from 2013
  7. My CGW extended firing pin measured 2.50" and my CZC extended firing pin measured 2.497"
  8. #1 Your Size and decap Die, set it so it's almost touching the plate. 0.003" -0.007" above the plate! #2 What bowenbuilt posted! Your seating die is taking the bell out before it seats the bullet all the way
  9. In 7 years of hard use never had any of my mags need tuning, #30,000 + rounds on two mags.
  10. I have one with 30,000+ , one with 20,000+, one with 5,000+ and one with 1,000. The one with 30,000+ has shared dude on a CZ tactical sport .40 and an Sp01 Shadow. Milled into the slides. The key when you get a slide milled, make sure that it is milled with the mounting posts! Two post minimum, all four posts are best.
  11. In a week or two, the new spring will look just like the old spring. You will never need more than two big stick on a stage, most of the time you will need one big stick and one 20 rounder. Send two big sticks to Grams Engineering, they will come back and run flawlessly. I think the cost is $8 each. http://gramsengineering.com/services.php
  12. A few years ago VihtaVuori was going to stop making powder and as they were shutting down their plants Nammo/Lapua stepped in and bought the powder business. when they started making powder again under new management the packaging changed. Some say that the powder is just, slightly different.
  13. CZ Customs has mounting plats for the P10.
  14. 147gn Blue bullet RN@1.130 2.9gn N310 128pf, 147gn Blue bullet RN, @1.130 3.2gn N310 132pf
  15. A stage with a low port, Shooter lays down on is back with feet towards the port. shooting between his feet that are down range of the muzzle? what you thoughts on this, ok or DQ?
  16. The easiest way is to install a mag block and then remove when you are back in your home state. https://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/
  17. Silhouette is a slow burning powder, try a fast burning powder. I use VV N310 in my Wilson Combat AR9. 147gn Blue Bullet, 2.6gn N310 @ 1.150" 132PF
  18. CZ85Combat

    Czechmate Recipes

    Ok #1 get your barrel reamed so that you can use an OAL of 1.155" Auto-Comp will work start at 6.6gn and work up 7.0 will be 170+pf see what your gun likes. Better powders are VV 3N38, VV N350, they produce more gas for the comp.
  19. I get no leading in my Wilson Combat AR9 With 147gn blue bullets, 2.6gn N310 @ 900fps or in my CZ Czechmate 125gn blue bullets, 8.5gn 3N38 @ 1380 fps
  20. Factory or mec-gar are good to go. Stay away from Pro-mag
  21. How many rounds have you reloaded with your set up? You do know that the MBF powder funnel wears out.
  22. The cleanest load you will get is with N310! I use 147gn Blue bullets 2.6gn N310 @ 1.145 132PF. Also 115gn Blue bullets 3.4gn N310 @ 1.130 133PF. Very soft and clean out of an Wilson Combat AR9 The same loads in my Accu-Shadow are sub minor 109PF and 116PF
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