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  1. Stopping to check powder drop in the middle of a run is a hint! Once You set the Dillon powder drop the weight is not going to change as you go. If you are visually check for powder there is no need to check the weight. With a Dillon your OAL is not going to change as you go either. Every time you stop do you clear every station? if not this is a potential trouble spot.
  2. CZ85Combat

    CZ recoil spring.

    How to Select the Proper Recoil Spring https://cajungunworks.com/how-to-select-the-proper-recoil-spring/
  3. I use 115gr Blue Bullets with 3.1gr N310 @ 1.120" 106PF in my Accu-Shadow
  4. CZC RDS plate cut is the way to go.
  5. I shoot 3X a week 200-300 rounds. at about 600-800 rounds, Cleaning consists of removing the slide to lube the rails and pulling a BoreSnake through the barrel 2-3 times and we are good to go.
  6. The dovetail mounts flexes more and the flex kills red dots. I have a DPP with over 17,000 rounds and still going. I have one that I let get a little loose at about 20,000 rounds and it died within 200 rounds.
  7. What type of shooting are you doing? When using 147Gr bullets and loading them short you will need to look out for a bulge in the middle of the case.
  8. Ordered the AMG timer on 7/14/19. I received an email confirming shipping on 9/16/19. Should be here on Thursday 9/19/19
  9. When did you order? Did it take more then 60 days?
  10. The load for my Wilson Combat AR-9 . 115gr blue bullet, 3.4gr N310 @ 1.130 1157fps & 147gr Blue bullet, 2.6gr N310 901fps. The faster powder gives me less felt recoil and less dot movement.
  11. 8.5gr 3N38 125gr Blue bullet @ 1.150" 170pf. It's compressed but it's not a problem. 9.1gr 3N38 115 Blue Bullet @ 1.150" 168pf no problem ether. Loaded on a 1050. This is what we run in a Czechmate. The 8.5gr 3N38 125gr Blue bullet @ 1.150" 170pf load was chronoed at Area8, Mid-Atl Sec. & VA/MD sec,
  12. CZ85Combat

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    Hand cycling will always feel funny. Just go to the range and see how it does.
  13. CZ85Combat

    SP-01 Carry Optics

    To get a really good trigger you will need a competition hammer, CGW sear & for short reset a new Disconnector. 11lb hammer spring & extended firing pin. Then you will need to polish the trigger bar and hammer strut. Do not polish your hammer hooks or sear as they are only surface hardened!
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