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International or Clays 38 short colt 160 gr.


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I’m only a couple months ahead of you so listen to more experienced folks who’ll be by shortly. I load 147 gr blues. Have been using up some Universal but had to push the max to make PF. Recently, I’ve gone to American Select and having good luck with that. 160 Bayou’s are very popular but I get the Blue Bullets for a little cheaper and don’t see any difference in performance.

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Clays or Clay Dot are best in the 38 short colt used in an N Frame.  Clean, makes PF easily and accurate.  Only takes 2.8 with a 160 grain coated bullet, I use bayou's also, with an oal of 1.170".


International is a bit slow for that case.

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160 Bayou's , there the best.  I use .358 in the 929 and 627 (obviously 9mm and 38 sc)

2.8-3.0 grains of Clays (clay Dot when clays is hard to find) One gun has a large cyl/bbl gap so wants 3.0grs to make PF

Fed spp

Starline  38 sc brass

col 1.150

Pf 128-132


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One thing to keep.in mind with revo loads in particular is you want to work up loads for your gun, my wife and I both have 627s and they run about 10pf different with the same ammo.

Also with heavy bullets, small cases and fast powders OAL will have a huge affect on pressure. A friend just did a batch of 160s at a shorter than his usual OAL and the cases stuck and the primers were flatter than I've ever seen.

So start low and work up with your gun bullet OAL combination and a chrono



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Name: .38 Short Colt: 160gr Bayou RN: Clays 3.0gr: OAL 1.20
Notes: S&W 627 5"
Shots: 8
Average: 759 ft/s
SD: 20 ft/s
Min: 726 ft/s
Max: 791 ft/s
Spread: 65 ft/s
Power Factor Average: 121
Power Factor Low: 116
Power Factor High: 126
Barometric Pressure: 30 in Hg
Temperature: 85 F
Weight: 160.0 gr.
Powder: Clays 3.0gr
Bullet: Bayou 160gr RN
C.O.A.L.: 1.20
Primer: Fed SPP
Case: Starline
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