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Steel Grips... LSI? Limcat? SVI?


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As someone living in Canada, it's difficult for me to get access to hold and feel these different grips.


I currently shoot a SVI Signature steel grip and like it. Love how easy it is to access the mag release button. The high grip the contouring allows is nice. The front strap is slightly boxy for me though...


It's almost time for a new gun. So naturally, I'm wondering what else is out there. I've held the PT Evo and find it too large for my hands.


Has anyone handled the new grip Glenn over at Lone Star Innovations has? Or the Limcat? Can anyone provide any comparisons to the SVI Signature?

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I have 2 EVO's and have tried the Cheely E2 and CK.  The CK is very square and didn't care for it.  I feel the E2 is great for smaller hands. It was comfortable but a little too small for me.  I would def try the E2. 

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I went through this not too long ago, however my situation was just the opposite; I have pretty big hands. 


I was fortunate enough to have been able to handle the three grips I was looking at: PT EVO, Cheely E2 and the LimCat. 

I found out of all of them the LimCat felt the smallest in my hand. I eventually wen the way of the E2 as it felt the best in my hand. 


Currently I have  Limited-10 steel grip on order for my backup Open build. I'll be posting a review once I get it. 


Here is a link to the discussion on the grip comparison: 


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I've had the opportunity to handle STI, PT EVO and Cheely e2 metal grips.  I have small/medium hands and the e2 felt the best to me.  When I was blending the GS I deepened the cut so my hand would go higher and more forward on the gun.

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