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  1. 7.6 grains CFE Pistol, 124 JHP Precision Delta, 1.235 OAL in Atlas Custom
  2. I have an EVO and an E2. The Cheely E2 feels just a bit smaller, but the EVO is grippier. The EVO came on a custom gun. The E2 came with grip, mag well, mag release, main spring housing and grip safety and required about 10 seconds of polishing.
  3. Atlas Custom Open, 38 Supercomp, heavy magwell
  4. I used the Dawson small hands, flat stainless and it looked blended
  5. I ordered this open custom on March 19, got it in July 6. I was quoted 6 months, but got it in almost half that time.
  6. I have both. The PT grip is a bit more aggressive in texture but pretty nice. The Cheely grip is a bit less aggressive, but to my smaller sized hands feels a bit smaller in size, They both feel good while shooting. The PT EVO came on a new gun but I ordered the E2 from Matt and put it on an open gun with a PY frame. The E2 comes with magwell, mag release, mainspring housing and grip safety that does not require pinning. I like them both, but I am a mediocre shooter and am not running at top speed.
  7. We are still in the infant stages, and I personally really liked the Mississippi Classic, and am so happy it is returning.
  8. Biloxi, now Deep South Shooters Association has no plans for any major matches. We will do whatever we are able to support Magnolia if they wish to host a MS Section championship.
  9. This was always one of the best, if not the best matches in the MS, LA and AL three state area. I am so glad it is back. Thanks guys and gals at Magnolia.
  10. In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson, which followed It's a Beautiful Day by It's a Beautiful Day.
  11. In the court of the Crimson King by, who else, King Crimson. Favorite track is 21st Century Schizoid Man, of course.
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