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  1. IMO SVI, EGW, Harrison, Nowlin, and Extreme Engineering have been consistently great. For me it boils down to the style of the hammer. I really like the SH version of the SV hammer so I usually go with Infinity. I guess if you are having a gun built by someone best to go with they recommend and used to working with. If you build your own, go with the design you think looks best.
  2. I believe that back in the day when tightening/peening the rails was the common method used, accurails were the way to go. Now I think most 1911 gunsmiths do a weld up and remachine the rails for a perfect fit. One of my older high round count guns has accurails, it's till tight and works great. Now I think it's better to find a good smith to do a weld.
  3. I'm using Tripp mags and they work great in my Colt, SA, and single stack SV's. I've had Wilson's and STI branded ones and they work fine in my guns too. Hope the ones you ordered will be reliable with your SA. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Have you contacted Caspian directly? They had mags recently on their Foster accessories page but their inventory varies. Maybe they can export or lead you to someone local in the Netherlands?
  5. SV Infinity, EGW, or Harrison. IMO high and consistent quality parts. SV Infinity have more interesting designs like the SHPD shaped hammer and the cool SV logo cut. Harrison has the classic and retro hammers. EGW has the oval commanders and lightened hammers. I pick based on the type of 1911 or 2011 build I am doing. I have used Extreme Engineering and their parts are good too. Hope this helps
  6. Posvar, sorry but I misread your post. From your pic of the 3 mags it seems you do not have ANY TTI push pins at all, only the TTI basepads in different sizes. If this is correct then you don't have any thing to measure against in finding the correct length. On my TTI 2011 basepads the pins protrude approximately .135" (if you push the pins flush to the basepad to the lock or unlock position). Keep in mind the pins I have are not cut that precise from one to another so hopefully others can chime in. The TTI website page for the Base Pad Pin Replacement Kit has a drop down menu where you can select STI/SV 3,4, and 7mm. I would probably contact TTI directly if you already didn't do so and they could tell you what you have and what to order. IMO their basepads are good but their customer service is not that great nor that responsive. Another option would be to contact Shooter's Connection or Speed Shooter's Intl (both from my experience have outstanding customer service and are AD's for TTI) and see what they recommend. Other have suggested buying long ones and cutting to size which is a great idea. However I'm lazy and want to do little work LOL. If you got the 1" long one listed on Shooter's Connection you could cut it in half and have 2 for 1 or end up with an extra as backup. I have never purchased extra push pins so I cannot say if they other pins have the same diameter so they may or may not work. Please let us know what you end up doing as that would be helpful for others that need or lose the pin.
  7. On the Shooter's Connection site they have the length of the pins in the description ( https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Taran-Tactical-Basepad-Replacement-Pin-Kit-P4657.aspx ). My TTI 4mm pads use the .375" pin which is option #3. Maybe use your calipers and measure the existing ones and then guesstimate which one you need. Hope this helps
  8. I like the Infinity slides...check with Speed Shooter's Intl, they usually have both bald unique and classic cut slides. Hope this helps.
  9. Is there a gap where the frame meets the grip near the beavertail?
  10. From the vid and pics it seems there is a bit of overhang on certain guns which is close or on top of the breechface. I wonder if guns that eject brass straight back is going to have problems with this design.
  11. Hello all, I have old/original style SVI 2011 .45acp mags and it's time to replace the follower and springs. Anyone using the Arrendondo ones? They offer the teflon followers and considering using those. Thanks!
  12. FYI I got the notification from Top Gun Supply that they have both triggers and flat trigger kit in stock.
  13. Another option is to check with Osage County and Top Gun Supply (they are both currently out of stock). Hope this helps
  14. Good find mmlook! This seems like a great option for those looking for a smaller grip
  15. I preordered one as well. Shmella, did you get yours already?
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