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  1. Another option is to check with Osage County and Top Gun Supply (they are both currently out of stock). Hope this helps
  2. Good find mmlook! This seems like a great option for those looking for a smaller grip
  3. I preordered one as well. Shmella, did you get yours already?
  4. Opticsplanet has coupon codes and you can chat to see if they have special or price match. Their sister site Dvor runs deals too if you are not in a hurry to get one. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the info pjb45! I always liked their barrels and glad to know they offer the c/p ramp.
  6. Nowlin C/P cut? I thought our SV's use a C/P/lisner cut not a Nowlin cut? AFAIK Nowlin barrels only has the Nowlin/Wilson cut for their ramped barrels?
  7. I got a SV grip and just pre-ordered the L-10. IMO the metal grips feel great. The PT Trinity EVO is also nice but the SV felt better in my hands.
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