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  1. If you are looking to mount a red dot on the slide, Atlas is making them with their optic plate system.
  2. Infinity is running a special on the new Noblex (Docter Optics) NV G, anyone have one and would like to share their thoughts on it? Thanks!
  3. Speed Shooter's Intl has the Brazos bald unique and classic slides ( https://speedshooter.com/product-category/slides/ ). Jem is really good but not sure on what they have in stock ( https://www.jemguns.com/Custom-Slides_c_15.html ) Tripp is also making slides, Shooter's Connection has a classic bald slide ( https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/9mm38-Slides-C938.aspx ) Another option would be Remsport: https://www.tr-enabling.com/product-p/sl-g-c-9-000-00-00.htm Atlas started selling slides but they are out of 9mm bald slides but you might want to call them to check availability ( https://atlasgunworks.com/product-category/slides ) For hybrid barrels, have you looked at SV/Infinity ( https://sviguns.com )? You can order the slide cut for their ribbed barrels (it's a $73.12 option). I ordered a hybrid barrel and spec'd out a slide from them on Sept 5th and it's being delivered on Monday. Keep in mind that the new SV/Infinity slides have a proprietary breechface with integrated extractor now. Hope this helps. Hope this helps.
  4. For machining the tri-top, check out Gan's: http://www.gansguns.com/PriceListlRevhtml.html
  5. Back in January Glenn at LSI posted some pics of his left handed grip. Not sure of availability but like others have mentioned best to email him for more info.
  6. As molson stated no spacer needed with the STI Gen2 mags. For your 140mm: https://www.gramsengineering.com/products/?p=productsMore&iProduct=30 These for the 170mm: https://www.gramsengineering.com/products/?p=productsMore&iProduct=31 I highly recommend getting them from Shooter's Connection, they are quick to ship and has excellent customer service: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/STI-C1161.aspx Hope this helps.
  7. The harrison pdf that HOGRIDER posted is an excellent guide to figure out where and what you need to cut.
  8. The SV safeties are a bit different than most other brands, yhey have a 'Hammer Stop Pad' that you highlighted in red. On SV's site they have some fitting instructions: https://www.sviguns.com/Optifit.php
  9. If you plan to fit it yourself I recommend the 10-8 Armor's Block. There is a place on it to insert the thumb safety and hold it in a nice position to file the pad. https://www.10-8performance.com/armorer-block/#description Hope this helps
  10. "On 4/4/2020 at 7:13 AM, MIGUEL said: the shuemann informe. Problem number 5: Because of Problems 1, 2, 3, and 4 Type 416 Stainless is not a good material for sub-gun barrels" SO what are your thoughts on number 6 in the Schuemann Barrel Steel document?
  11. But that's not why he isn't sending it back.
  12. Go back to page 4. On March 29th, op posted that SV/Sandy Strayer sent him a reply on Jan 26, 2020. SV requested the barrel be sent to them but op refused to do so until he gets 'test certificates'
  13. I didn't mention anything about a double charge. I'm simply asking if your position is that there is no possibility that the ammo you used (during the life of the gun) caused a catastrophic failure.
  14. The google drive file wasn't working for me either so I can't view the contents. So do you reject any possibility that this damage was due to user error and that the damage was caused by improperly reloaded ammo?
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