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  1. IMO that's a weak answer from Jay Person, either the grip is defective or he messed up the install. Weird he doesn't just state what the problem is. You really can't blame SV if things 'wasn't stated but implied'. IMO he should back up his work or fully state it's a manufacturer's defect. Now the 'pile' you saw were 1st gen...is your grip '1st gen'? How old is your gun/grip? Did you buy it new or used? IIRC when STI had their aluminum grips out the ones that cracked were installed too tight, people were fitting them like they would the plastic grips. Is it possible that something like this could've happened? You're leaving a lot of details out. I'm genuinely curious about this so sorry for all these questions.
  2. Atlas and Tr-Enabling sell slides. L-10 Machine offers a stainless steel full size and aluminum carry grip.
  3. So you spoke to him about it and showed it to him. Did Jay Pecson actually state that the cracked grip is due to a defective product? If they have a 'pile of broken SV grips' in their shop why do they still continue to sell SV if it's that bad? You would think they would have some kinda recourse as a official distributor of SV. L10-machine, Lone Star Innovations, PT Trinity, and Cheeley (as mentioned by RangerTrace) all make metal grips. Maybe that's the best way to go for you. Did Jay Pecson have a solution for you?
  4. Hello Onpoint07, which mags are you using? And what brand frame did you attach the grip to? Did it require much fitting? Any pics?
  5. Sorry that I'm not familiar with him or how it works in the Philippines but 'employed by SVI official distributor' can mean a lot of things. Have you tried contacting Jay Pecson and ask what he can do to assist with warranty? Has Jay seen the crack and examined the grip and determine if it's a defective product? Not trying to be an ass, just curious on details.
  6. Was the grip on a complete gun built by SV? If it's a grip added to your non SV frame and not fit correctly then certain areas can crack due to improper gunsmith install.
  7. It seems like the V3 is a new design from them. Hopefully we get more info from ARac40 if the grip angle can be corrected with the relief cut he made.
  8. When I've swapped ignition parts sometimes I had to work on the thumb safety to properly block the sear. Tweaking the sear spring may also be needed.
  9. I had a positive experience when the Romeo 1 on my P320RX stopped working. Contacted SIG cs and they emailed a return shipping label immediately. A week and half later I got email that they shipped out. Very little in the description of what was wrong but they gave me a new one.
  10. Curious, what load/caliber do you plan on shooting that will drive and cycle a 9 port 6 chamber comp with a Officer's barrel?
  11. EGW makes a comp for the Officer's: https://www.egwguns.com/cnc-carry-comp-officers-comp
  12. Awesome pistol! Hope to be able to order the ambi safeties on your site soon.
  13. Chambers Custom sells a plate ( https://www.store.chamberscustom.com/products/chambers-custom-rdms-plate ) which they, Behlur Ballastics, and Defensive Creations can install.
  14. I've had my CED (Competitive Edge Dynamics) pro range bag for over 20 years and it's held up very well. The ones made by Shooter's Connection and Dillon Precision imo are very good.
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