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  1. Yup. I get these for ~$200 on eBay, so I figure getting 4 seasons out of them ($50/season) seems very reasonable given how well they work. My current TEP-200 work very well and I don't see any issues for a while to come yet.
  2. Peltor TEP-100 or TEP-200. The latter has some wireless audio transmission capabilities, but not very useful for competitive shooters (requires some neck loop to be worn). I have use these for years now. Battery lasts all day for at least 4 years before the built-in batteries deteriorate. With skull screw tips in, I find them working well enough stand-alone with an open gun outdoors. I have several pairs of passive custom molded plugs, and found that within 2 years or so they don't fit as well as they once did. Guess I'm still growing at 30? These are even the soft silicone ones, rather than hard plastic moulded ones.
  3. Don't waste your time with Red Hill Tactical holsters. Far better options (already mentioned in this thread) out there.
  4. Buy a large and cheap golf umbrella. Grab a PVC tube that will fit the handle of said umbrella. Drill a hole through the pipe, put a bolt through and secure with a nut. Zip tie on to the range cart. Put umbrella in as needed.
  5. 3M Peltor TEP-100 or TEP-200. Love the charging case that takes AA batteries or USB. Their skull screw tips work well enough for me to use alone outdoors with open guns. Battery lasts all day at a match.
  6. Don't have the muzzle support. Don't see the need for it either since I'm still very happy with the way this holster functions. I only shoot USPSA/IPSC if that matters.
  7. Excellent news! Let's hope it gets sorted out and made official soon.
  8. Do you take the word of a firearms manufacturer, or the word of the organization that guns and governs the sport? I may be wrong - it's a idiotic rule that needs to be changed - but I personally wouldn't buy or use such a gun at any IPSC match that matters until official announcement is made from IPSC. All official evidence and sources currently point to sight blocked guns being illegal for Standard division.
  9. I wouldn't risk it. From the IPSC website (Rules -> FAQs) Standard Division 1. Standard Division prohibits compensators. If I have an attachment extending forward of the barrel & slide of my gun, but there are no holes in the attachment other the hole in the barrel from which the bullet exits, is this legal? No. A weight attached to the end of the muzzle is still deemed to be a compensator, even if it does not have holes.
  10. Just a reminder for anyone that cares (might be very few on here) - sight block guns are NOT legal for IPSC Standard division even if it fits in the box. Sight tracker barrels are good to go.
  11. I love the SVI grip with their own mag release shape. Fantastic as it allows me to reach the mag release without needing an extended paddle which always gets in the way for me.
  12. Almost 15,000 rounds now and not a single issue with my 015. SVI metal grip + Cheely XWF built by Venom Customs. I have a pair of guns (one match, one practice) and both work 100%. No desire for a muzzle support either. Sold my Alpha-X. Don't see a need for another holster.
  13. I’m suffering from hearing loss from watching match videos with my headphones, where the gun shot noises aren’t being attenuated quickly enough.
  14. Peltor TEP-100 or 200 for me. Been using them for years. All day battery life (though my first pair started only holding about 5 hours of charge about 4 years in). With the skull screw tips they are good enough to shoot and RO open guns. Not so much indoors though.
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