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  1. Absolutely turned me off getting a GoGuns product.
  2. The shooter was opening a "trapdoor" style port that has the handle on the bottom and hinge on the top. It knocked the gun out of his hand, and he unfortunately attempted to catch it. A falling knife is all blade. A falling gun is all trigger... Really unfortunate situation.
  3. I've owned and used the 014, CR Speed, Manny Bragg Magnetic, Double Alpha Race Master, and the Double Alpha X. I'm using the latter now. My second choice would be the 014 - but I found the size and length to be quite the impediment and found it limited my shooting options for low ports especially at IPSC Worlds in 2017. Don't find myself missing the lack of a muzzle support in the alpha-x. My gun is locked in any holster I use, and simply unlocked after "make ready". But I only shoot IPSC and not 3 gun. Thus, any of the holsters worked for me in that sense.
  4. Is there a reason you guys went with cerakote over a PVD type of process?
  5. Oh wow! It sits lower than the RTS?? Thanks for the pic!
  6. Does anyone have a photo that compares the 510c to an upright slideride and a RTS2 from the back to better visualize the height of the optic?
  7. You can use a book to hammer in a nail, but most opt to use a hammer. Does it matter what brand of hammer? Maybe. Maybe not. But in general, a hammer would be better than a book. Even though a book will work.
  8. For those that have used both a hybrid and a regular barrel with poppel holes... How do they compare? Thinking about a new build now and deciding between a SVI hybrid / KKM hybrid or a regular KKM bull barrel.
  9. As someone living in Canada, it's difficult for me to get access to hold and feel these different grips. I currently shoot a SVI Signature steel grip and like it. Love how easy it is to access the mag release button. The high grip the contouring allows is nice. The front strap is slightly boxy for me though... It's almost time for a new gun. So naturally, I'm wondering what else is out there. I've held the PT Evo and find it too large for my hands. Has anyone handled the new grip Glenn over at Lone Star Innovations has? Or the Limcat? Can anyone provide any comparisons to the SVI Signature?
  10. Looking to buy a comp from you soon... Not sure what to use with a full length 9 major setup! Which do you personally use? Also, when do you expect to have the next batch of the 3 port?
  11. How do they compare at the level of the mag release? I love the SVI and how "cut in" it is, as well as their proprietary elongated mag release button. How does the Limcat compare? And as for the front strap, how "rounded" is the Limcat compared to the relatively square SVI? Thanks!!
  12. Anyone held/own a Limcat grip and can compare to the SVI Signature?
  13. From my experience at the 2017 Worlds in France: SVI 170mm with SVI 1mm basepad passed. MBX 170mm with MBX IPSC basepad passed. MBX 170mm with MBX regular basepad did not pass.
  14. Pocket pro 1 is what I settled on after going through the RUReady, CED 7000, DAA Shotmaxx, and the pocket pro 2. Easiest to adjust par time on, and also easy to set instant or random. No looking required, and no menus to navigate.
  15. Didn't like how the cheely puts the sight offset to bore line. Tried the FMW and liked how it looked and balanced, but had the odd ejection issue due to how far back the sight was placed. Now using the double Alpha and liking it a lot. Integrated thumb rest is nice too.
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