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Anyone have their safety plunger removed?


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i was at a gunshow a few weeks back and a gunsmith introduced me to the idea when i was looking for a spare connector. he told me he couldn't legally do it, but he could tell me how. he said it would drastically lighten the trigger pull. he didn't have one on display for me to check out either. I haven't tried it, and probably won't.

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I strongly recommend against doing this, although it does indeed improve trigger "feel".

I do a lot of work with striker-fired guns of several different manufacturers. I have seen the lower lugs of the Firing Pin shear off. I have seen sear plates and sears break. If that happens with a working FPS in the gun, no harm/no foul. If it happens with no FPS present, it WILL fire the chambered round, especially in guns that hold the Firing Pin very near to full-cock when the trigger is not being pressed (M&P's and XD's immediately come to mind). If the gun is in the holster, you're getting a new butt dimple (and your girlfriend might not think it's "cute"....)

Just saying...a nice trigger ain't worth the risk.

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1911's and glocks are different animals. 1911's have a spring in front of the firing pin. Glocks have the spring behind the firing pin driving the pin into the primer. If the firing pin lug slipped off the sear it would go full force into the primer without the safety plunger.

I doubt the trigger would be much improved by removing the safety anyway.

People do remove the safety plunger in tanfo witness guns sometimes but those have an external safety like a 1911.

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