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  1. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    You may want to check the OEM Glock connector weights.
  2. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    Contact Joe D on this forum. He explains it in a post on this forum dated 08/21/2007.
  3. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    A 4# FPS and a 6# trigger spring may cause trigger reset issues.
  4. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    I much prefer a DK, Johnny Glocks, or Vanek trigger over the EDGE and I have owned all of them.
  5. JBP55

    Gen 5 G17 Triggers

    DK, Johnny Glocks, Vanek are all great triggers.
  6. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    Wearing out a trigger bar would be a rare thing.
  7. Slow fire at 25 yards I shoot better groups with a G34 vs any other Glock.
  8. JBP55

    Gen 5 G17 Triggers

    DK and Johnny Glocks should be at the top of your current list.
  9. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    Which does not compare to a custom built trigger such as Johnny Glocks, DK, Vanek, etc.
  10. JBP55

    Favorite Trigger

    Johnny Glocks on Gen 5 Glocks.
  11. Take your pistol to a Glock Armorer and tell him you want it fixed.
  12. You have to know what to buy and how to use it.
  13. Unless you know what you are doing.
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