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  1. I find it hard to believe their trigger will reduce the trigger pull weight almost 3# without some serious spring changes.
  2. Baton Rouge Police Supply and possibly Practical Tactical which is a new Blue Label Distributor in Baton Rouge.
  3. Same here normally in and out with your Glock in 15 minutes.
  4. JBP55

    Glock 34 Trigger

    I have never seen anyone shoot a 6# trigger better than a 3# trigger in the same pistol. YMMV
  5. JBP55

    Glock 34 Trigger

    The JG competition trigger in my G45 is about 2 pounds lighter than yours. You need to sell me that awful trigger at a big discount.
  6. If you did not like the JG trigger try a Vanek trigger.
  7. I never cared for the G17L and only own gen 5 Glocks now.
  8. I have been shooting firearms more than 60 years and would probably have 100 firearms if I was rich enough to always buy new and keep my old firearms. Glocks will become unreliable if "You Do Not Know What You Are Doing" Otherwise they should be GTG.
  9. Johnny Glocks or a Vanek Trigger will make you smile.
  10. JBP55

    Gen 5 Pins

    And lubricate the pins before putting them back in the pistol.
  11. JBP55

    G19 Trigger Work

    A 4.5# FPS and a minus connector alone should have reduced your trigger pull weight to approximately 4# which is considered light for a Carry Pistol. What I do depends on what the owner wants and how the pistol is going to be used. Range Only or Carry. Some just want a smoother trigger with a slightly reduced pull weight. Polishing all trigger components improves this feel. For Professional advise talk to someone like Charlie Vanek or Johnny Glocks. Both will talk to you and give you solid advise.
  12. JBP55

    Gen 5, .40 cal

    The Brazilian Police have been running these Gen 5 .40 Glocks hard for more than 2 years.
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