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What powder do you consider clean burning?


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Most of the single based powders are pretty clean burning. Also, some powders get clean-er burning at higher load pressures so people who load that same powder may have different experiences.

In my experience the cleanest powders I have used are:

Clays/Clay Dot - hardly leaves any residue on a stainless revolver.

American Select - again, very clean and leaves only a dusty residue that wipes off super easy.

Solo1000 - same

N350 is the cleanest burning powder for open gun major I have used. So clean I could probably go a few thousand rounds without cleaning the gun, just need to add lube once in a while.

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e3, Clays, N320, N310 and ETR7 are some of the more cleaner burning powders I have used but can still be semi-dirty if you don't get them up to at least their medium pressure range. N310 would maybe be the exception here. It's always clean.

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