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New grips SP01


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I have Hogue G10 with what I believe they call Pirhanna texture (series of coarse bumps in grip area) and VZ. The VZ is on my primary match gun.

The Hogue have thicker, more rounded profile that resembles the stock CZ plastic grips. The texture is effective at keeping the grip on the gun. You probably will like them better if you have larger hands and feel that VZs are too thin for you.

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I run the thick lemon graters and also skate tape on the front and back strap for more girth.

How do you like your lemon graters? I thought about getting them because they have the thick version. How do they compare to the vz grips?

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I think the CZC lemongraters are slightly more aggressive. I really liked the VZ Diamond grips texture a lot, but they were too thin. I like the texture and size of the thick lemon graters better on my Accu's. If VZ made a thick diamond pattern grip I'd prob use it as I like the material better than metal.

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