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  1. I think my guns are around 50oz unloaded.
  2. Those all look like intelligent changes to the weak points on a 650.
  3. It would seem the main similarity is they are both guns. Having multiple calibers for the same gun is not really the main innovation here.
  4. My only experience is US IPSC Nationals once, but looking around it seems pretty much everyone was using either the stock black STI magwell or the DVC magwell. Also, it seemed STI mags with the Dawson angled basepads were the most popular option.
  5. Yeah I like mine to sit around 2 lbs, even though he ships them more like 1.5-1.75. I don't think the difference between a 1.5 lbs trigger pull and 3 lbs trigger pulls is ever the deciding factor in matches.
  6. I’m shooting OK Saturday and Great Plains Sunday. If I had to choose one and Great Plains wasn’t at my home club I would choose Oklahoma to be honest. Not a knock on the match here, but every match I’ve been to in Tulsa has been top notch. I also want to dispel the myth it will be nicer in Nebraska. Great Plains in June/July is typically one of the most miserable matches weather-wise I shoot every year. It is extremely hot and humid in the summer here.
  7. Whatever you start with you’ll end up deciding what you really want to shoot later on. Just pick one and go.
  8. Yes it was on an Evo grip. I had a standard Dawson magwell on it before, the grip is about the same. Quite a bit of fitting was required, but im a terrible gun smith with a AA powered dremel and I could handle it.
  9. I'm fairly certain they will be two separate matches. Similar to "Nine Days of Nationals" was three separate matches or the old "Classic Nationals" was two separate. It wouldn't make sense to do it any other way.
  10. I put limcat magwells on both of my Atlas limited guns. They are truly the bees knees.
  11. I’d recommend reading all three book in order. There’s plenty to learn there.
  12. Has no one mentioned the .40 XL hundo gauge? Designed for long ammo and coated bullets, any round that gauges chambers in my 2011.
  13. I went with Atlas because of the two month lead time on a Titan. I now have two and they're great.
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