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  1. Dang it, I wonder if Glenn will let me trade in the SVI he sold me for.one of his. Anything he does is outstanding.
  2. Any stats on negligent discharges on striker versus single action? Not police, but understand that you cannot simulate stress of combat/real life. Training makes for brain stem power, eventually; aware of how little a majority of police officers train with weapons as well.
  3. Tripp was my experience, buy once cry once. They have outstanding customer service as well. You'll have them as long as you have the pistol.
  4. 40 Hornady case feeder that came with it, EVO
  5. Pro1000 to loadmaster to evolution. I'll still probably use the loadmaster for rifle. The evolution sure makes things quick, I run it while I work out or do other things at the same time, have more money now but less time than when I used the loadmaster.
  6. I had this too, my solution was to line the inside of the funnel with a couple layers of masking tape. I watched the shells in the funnel (after much trouble shooting); they were vibrating a ton in there, something was needed to dampen the vibration. Since I added I've loaded or processed about 15k with zero upside down.
  7. Got one in the mail today, just finished processing all my brass and put the other tool head back on to get ready to start loading. Now I need to wash all the brass. $10 isn't bad. I don't expect they will wear to fast now that I have the press figured out. The first spring probably made it 20k rounds.
  8. Anyone know where to get a spare spring that goes on the shell plate? Don't see it on the site, wasn't sure if it was something common I could get at a hardware store or something similar tomorrow.
  9. Correct done by the manufacturer, why an 80% doesn't have one. Once someone finishes it, needs one to transfer.
  10. You could probably get one from most anyone who builds custom 19/2011s. Start with an 80%, it has no SN.
  11. The washers go under the three screws that hold the bottom of it down.
  12. Good catch, I had rifle sight height of 1.5". Reran at 0.5" sight height; 5yds .21" low and at 50 2" low; one inch low at 41 yards. Still all well within the diameter of a steel plate out to 50 yards.
  13. Did you try the washers? Mine wouldn't index due to the primer system. My inner tube was to long evidently, since putting in washers zero primer issues at about 4k rounds. Maybe the tube is to short. I did use one size smaller than recommend for the washers.
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