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Trigger Pull


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I have not tried the Wolff INS trigger spring, many don't seem to like it. Some have polished the lighter one and seem to like it.

You might try this (from the Beretta forum):

Sear Spring- "I opened it up about 30 degrees, IE, with the long part of the spring at 9 o'clock so to speak, the short end was at about the "3:30" position--just pointing down a bit. Used 2 vice grips to grasp the spring until it was straight across- Dropped the pull from @ 4 lb to 3lb 5oz. Went back for more and bent it until is was JUST pointing up--about the "2:30" position so to speak. I also polished the sear pin and lightly buffed the sear this time."

I did this to the sear spring on my practice gun (seemed to lighten a bit), but not my match gun. Both have LLT trigger jobs from "long" ago.

There are other tips and ideas on the Beretta forum... (BerettaForum.net)

One guy sent his internal parts to Josh at Allegheny Gun Works for a trigger job (didn't send the gun - no FFL transfer needed):


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For DA trigger improvement:

15lb 1911 mainspring with Fed primers.

polish the snot out of the top of the hammer strut, make it shine; this is where a lot of the roughness comes from.

polish the DA hammer hook and DA sear on the trigger bar.

light polish on pins and sides of hammer/trigger helps a little, but not a lot.

use a good grease like TW-25

For SA,

polish sear face w/ good flat ceramic stone and add a -small- secondary angle (as you would a 1911)

cut the hammer hooks to ~0.020

My 92 was approx 7lb and butter smooth DA and right at a crisp 3lb SA with this set up. All other springs / safties left in tact (no in-precise monkeying w/ the sear spring). Lasted 10s of thousands of rounds (still going when I switched to glock). I had the SA at ~2.5lb by cutting a couple coils of the 15lb 1911 mainspring, but locktime was horrible.


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