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  1. Price drop on Shadow 1s *fingers crossed*
  2. Skip the credit card companies and local PD. If you have a picture of an FFL call the ATF. They will get that handled quickly if someone is using a fraudulent FFL.
  3. This the same company? http://www.coloradogunworks.com/ There are a lot of negative reviews online. Makes me wary.
  4. I normally shoot a Beretta 92 and I would call myself 'descent' - no problem hitting the target every time but also not going to win a match. Anyway I picked up a G17 and got it out to the range for the first time. Even at 10 yards slow fire I was 2 inches to the left. I had an experienced Glock guy put a few rounds through it and he was right on. So the problem lies with me. Here's the question: Do I adjust the way I grip the gun/where my finger lays on the trigger when I switch between the two guns, or do I change the sights on the glock to hit correctly for how I grip the normally. I guess I should mention that the 92 will be my main go-to gun and the 17 will only get pulled out for fun range trips, GSSF, ect.
  5. Are any of the gun smiths making parts or doing work on Grand Powers? Trigger Jobs, spring kits, SS gude rods, Basepads, ect?
  6. It gets better. He also has a degree in applied mathematics. I didn't think I needed to mention the second degree
  7. Putting in numbers and doing a proper analysis would take years! There is a multi-billion dollar, global industry around making guns that shoot better. Convince CZ & GP to send me their Solid Works simulations and it would be a lot easier. Not questioning his physics knowledge, he is just misunderstanding how pistols work. I believe I said that the 'upwards force' is a resultant force. That means I collapsed a lot of other forces into one that was equivalent. It's kinda like in a car; The pistons in the engine go up and down - but the wheels have a force backwards. Now let me be clear. I am arguing that the PHYSICS of rotary barrel work. The 'tilt style' barrels, the 'rotary' barrels, and the weird action that the Walter CCP uses all have sound thinking behind them. Whether one specific gun has less recoil than the other is a matter of the engineering ( the details of the design I outlined earlier ).
  8. My degree in physics When we talk about 'recoil', we need to analyse the properties of the system ( mass, Inertia Tensor, connection points, ect), forces involved, the resultant forces, pivot point and torques, momentum of the slide & frame ( your not using 'inertia' in the right way ), the energy transfer, and the time period for all these things. Okay, doing ^ is REALLY hard. Since this tread is tending toward the spinning barrel thing I'm going to try to explain my thinking. What shooters call 'recoil' is primary caused by the 'impulse' imparted on the gun by gas expanding and the bullet leaving the gun. Impulse is force/time. The impulse can be broken into two parts, the linear impulse ( that is, through the axis of the barrel ), and the angular impulse ( that is around the pivot point - your wrist ). The 'push' that you feel is the linear impulse, where the 'muzzle flip' is the angular impulse acting on you. Both the linear force that causes the bullet exiting the barrel, and the force that causes the barrel moving upwards ( this is actually a resultant force) cause a torque around the wrist that add in the same direction. This causes rotation of the object and we get 'muzzle flip'. Side Note: The farther away the force is from the pivot point, the higher the torque. That's why a low bore axis helps. Now when you have a rotating barrel you no longer have the second force adding to the angular impulse that acts 'up'. Instead you have a force that tries to 'roll' the gun. Since this force is acting close to the center of mass of the system, it will cause a small torque and a small angular impulse. I have been sloppy in my wording to try to be clear to a reader who has not taken advanced mechanics classes.
  9. Getting a CZ is cool and all, but I enjoy that smug look I get when I beat people with my Beretta 92
  10. Go on? 12 ounces less weight and virtually the same bore axis. That's all you need to know. That's not all you need to know. The x-cal uses a rotary barrel vs the tilt barrel of the CZ/Tagfos. What is the difference in reciprocating mass? What is the moment of inertia of the two guns? ( and how does the moment change while the gun is cycling). Are the guns tuned so there isn't a 'hard' impact when the slide comes back/forward? Then you have to look at the bio-mechanics. grip angle? palm swells? grip texture? You have to examine a gun as a whole, not just a mass/bore axis.
  11. There has been a lot of talk about too many divisions 'watering down' the sport and HQ making decisions without input from the membership. So lets get some data! Do you think USPSA should eliminate a division? You can vote for multiple ones.
  12. Can someone explain to me the pros and cons of a bull barrel. Is it an accuracy thing or just adding weight to the front of the gun?
  13. In order to have an HK that anyone will take seriously I think you need to come out with a 5'' gun. The fiber adjustable sights are nice, someway to get a larger paddle release would be cool, keep the great grips, but a real competition gun is a must. P.S. A VP9S (single stack) would be a HUGE seller.
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