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Primers detonate


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There's a couple of things about this story that make no sense....

1) What caused the primers to detonate? I mean it takes more than "sitting the bag on the ground" to cause this, especially in the original packing. And primers would not be effected like an aerosol can by pressure changes. Either the primers were loose packed (like just poured in a ziploc bag) or the airline was treating the bag very very rough.

2) The passenger faces federal charges of traveling in interstate commerce without a license to carry ammunition????? Since the primers were privately owned before they were checked and were still privately owned when they exploded, "commerce without a license" seems like an awful silly charge. So either there is more to the story or the charges are not meant to stick, just to hold the guy for 72 hours.

On an international flight to Jamaica, carrying primers. Yeah, seems like this story is missing a few details.

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I don't think a baggage handler has ever "sat a bag on the ground".

I watched a guy "set" mine on the ground one time.....only because he couldn't lift it :sight: Him and his buddies then proceeded to ransack the thing afterward because it had ammo in it. Then to top things off they didn't get one of the boxes closed and all 100 rounds were then scattered around in pretty much every article of clothing in the bag. :angry2:

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Well, one thing is lucky for him, he did not import primers into a foreign country. That can be a big no-no. I am not sure if he need an export license for the primers.

I can foresee a dump truck load of problems this DB is going to cause us.

Fact: Since primers have exploded in a suitcase the liberal nutjobs are going to make a case ...

Hypothesis: that ammo can then explode in a suitcase...

Conclusion: all ammo should be banned from luggage.

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I think the charge is more of an 'umbrella' charge they found to fit this particular incident, like others have said, im pretty shocked as to how the primers went off, assuming they were in an original box/pack??? gotta take a pretty hard blwo to get em to go off as a single let alone 'en mass' as caused by a hairspray can??? yup B.S. flag in the air...

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I don't believe it's legal to have primer in your luggage, ammo yes but not primer or powder no. I often wish I could bring some back from USPSA match....

Import in Canada as far as custom is concern for resident we can bring back 5k of primer per person, of course that is when we drive to the match.

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From shooting internationally, I've heard a lot of stories about the hoops and lengths shooters go through to shoot in some places. Sometimes disguising "verboten" stuff as "other stuff" in order to get it in-country. This could be related (most IPSC guys are smarter than this though)-- bozo wants primers for some reason.. buys a ton, then dumps them all out of the packaging since that's like all bulky and illegal where he's going and then loads them all loose into a box of Cheerios and on into the luggage.


According to an FBI report' date=' the bag also contained components of a disassembled ammunition loading press, which is used to assemble component parts of ammunition.


The guy is wanted for other offenses here and there, so maybe he thought a nice illegal ammo business/vacation was just the ticket...

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