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Heroes Cancelled

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I tried watching it a few times... but kept seeing myself get distracted by other things. I'm more of a "Battlestar Galactica" type, actually. B)

On the other hand, I 'm just a bit hooked in following "Vampire Diaries" for some reason. (Damon is nice to look at, for one thing. Mmm... yes, maybe that's the hook.) :devil:

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The amazing thing about Heroes is that if you watch the seasons in reverse order they keep getting better.

I actually really enjoyed the series for the first couple seasons... then it started in a downward spiral of suck-ola. I still have the last three episodes of last season, unwatched on my DVR.. there always seems to be something better on. I'll probably just delete them eventually.

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It became even more of a soap opera after season 1. That was bad.

Time Travel. Bad.

Immortality and/or invulnerability. Bad.

TRANSFERABLE immortality/invulnerability. STUPID.

It started off with such promise and then the things I just listed sucked the life right out of it.

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I liked it for the first couple of years then they started bringing in to many new people/sub-plots. It got to the point that I would record it and wait till winter time to see them.

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