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CSI Miami

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Watching CSI Miami and it seems one of the cops makes her own handloads for her ankle carried backup 45. She uses Russian primers and Wakefield 296 powder.

I looked on PV's website. They have russian primers but I could not find Wakefield 296. I sent them an email but have not heard back yet.


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I hate to tell you this, but there is really a segment of shooters using 296 in 45 ACP, although AA #9 is more common. They're used with LBT designed cast bullets in 1911s with fully supported chambers, and heavy springs. I've seen some of the velocity claims, and amazed that anyone would do this. Heavy duty brass is often used, like 45 Super, 451 Detonics (cut down) or 45 ACP +P brass. Some are just making their own brass from 308 brass, cut down and inside reamed. They're getting velocities that approximate medium 44 magnum loads. Personally, I'd just use a bigger gun, but some of these guys are getting fantastic results. DO NOT try this at home, These are professional crazies, on a closed course.

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