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  1. It's in good shape right now. Mostly grass, grass gravel. most bays drain off well.
  2. Yes we found the missing score sheets and have reposted. Sorry and thanks for coming. Brent
  3. Just what I was thinking too!!!!
  4. appendix A2 is what we use.
  5. SOUTH CENTRAL GUN CLUB INC - IN18 ,1st Sunday WABASH VALLEY PRACTICAL PISTOL - IN04 3rd sunday EFFINGHAM COUNTY SPORTSMANS CLUB - IL14 2nd sunday All USPSA clubs and some do other things too.
  6. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=584 All kinds of stuff here. Mine was making a primmer catcher tube that go's in a can so you never empty that spent primmer cup again. I think thats in that the link too.
  7. Nice Job. You work really hard and come a long way sense we been shooting together!!! Now if you get your gun done you will be set. But look at all the ammo you saved this summer.
  8. Do you burn wood!!! might want to start at least till the tree is gone.
  9. Was two of the targets at the front of the stage stacked on top of each other were a 45 would could hit both targets with 1 shot? We have a club we visit that don't fallow rules well. They have lack of help so it is what it is. Some times we drive 2 hours the other way to shoot a club that fallows rules. Brent
  10. colt


    Giving you a hard time!! Sometimes other things have to get in the way of shooting.
  11. colt


    Why, is is already beating open shooters in production. Where were you hiding!! LOL
  12. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=8014&division=Revolver&guntype=Pistol
  13. I will admit that we are lucky to have a good crew and members that don't shoot USPSA come out and cook lunch for us. Made it fell like a club event. Thanks to all that worked it and shot it. Brent
  14. Some stuff I didn't know !!! How do you turn the grid on in a bay? Brent
  15. Weather is looking great for the weekend!!! Great for shooting. Let us know your coming and jump in your car. Brent
  16. The match is almost here, and the Warsaw crew of dedicated staff have been busy these last few days getting the stages on the ground. Really looking forward to these and I hope you are as well.We still have room for walk on\'s on both Saturday and Sunday so if you know someone that has been on the fence, give them a shove in the right direction. We are still offering the shoot for score on Saturday in your first division and for fun in a second division for those that want to. Perfect time for those going to both SS Nat\'s and Revolver Nat\'s to get some major match time before those matches. Registration is at the range at 8:00am-8:45am, Shooters meeting at 8:45, match starts at 9:00am on both Saturday and Sunday. The range will be open Friday for some time and Saturday to walk stages. A big thank you to Ron and Mary Ann Cooper of Target Sports of Sheridan, IN for being a match sponsor and donating 2 firearms. Also to Jim & Ryan Stinar of SNS Casting for being a Match sponsor for us and donating for this match. And Big Pete Briggs of Lake Mortgage for cash donation to help offset match expense. See you at the range, Jake Martens
  17. 4 of the stages are up. Going to be a fun match!! Still have room for more shooters. Come sign up!!! Brent
  18. Thats because you have to move straight up or down. There will be a green line when its straight. Drop it and grab it again to move side to side along a red line. No cross ways or it will picks it up or sinks it. Only took me 2 years to learn that one. No one ever accused me of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. I have are bays drawn up to the right size and the wall we use are the same size in google so it comes out real close. Good luck. Brent
  19. We have passed the date to order shirts so do not send money for shirts. We still have room for more shooters !!! Come get a level 2 match in before the nationals. Were looking at letting people shoot 2 divisions. Score for Saturday and different division on Sunday for fun. Brent
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