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  1. Bassham is the guru on mental management. He basically took it upon himself to figure all the “mental” things out,...after an Olympic Silver I do believe. in the late 60’s early 70’s, no one really knew how to coach or teach mentally. Of course, Lanny tried the best at the time, only to realize they lacked,..which started his own personal quest to understand the mental game. (I’m going from memory here, about what I read years ago, never met the man) I used his method exclusively for many years. I’m a nobody in USPSA, but the system worked for me every single time I employed
  2. Truck driving is fun. Divorce,...not so much. Spent entire 2020 coping with that “out of the blue” divorce. Bought 17 acres. Will shoot again someday. So much in the shooting world I would like to accomplish. So many friends I miss, some gone now, passed on. R. I. P. Coach
  3. Sitting in orientation With a trucking company for my first gig as a big rigger. Did not shoot a match in 2019, sad. Still think about shooting. Maybe someday.
  4. Mr. Anderson wrote the book on dry fire. His journey through the shooting sports may not parallel a national champion, but NO ONE understands TEACHING and HOW TO TEACH, better than Steve. IMHO
  5. I set up an open 2011 .22 that basically was as close to my competition Open gun as I could get. I stayed with it for one summer and learned a lot. First, .22’s are easier to shoot. I needed to make the training harder. Farther targets/smaller targets. Second, I thought it shot so flat that the dot did not duplicate my competition Open gun. The regular sights on a .22 didn’t rise and fall the same either. So, after much experimenting and $$$$, for me, dry firing all skills and practice scenarios, then working down my times as close as I could get with
  6. First year in a long time I’ve managed to not shoot one match. House project still ongoing. Drywall being done as I type. After 25 years at Schneider Electric my last day was Aug. 23rd. The company is going strong, but decided to close the Peru, In. Location. One of its oldest locations and a mainstay in my small hometown. It’s been sad. I’ve traveled a bit visiting my oldest daughters. Also my first and only grandchild was born Aug. 25th, so that was a must trip to Maine! Went to trucking school on Schneider’s dime and got my CDL class A. L
  7. I’m not so sure. Depends on what you think is an advantage? Funnest gun I own is a Springfield 1911 SS in 9mm. Shooting about 130pf. Pure fun. I get your point. But it all depends on what “you” want to accomplish.
  8. It’s not. And I wouldn’t know why you’d say something like that? a51193. I started in june 2004. I have well over 150 classifiers just in open. Slow learner yes, all day long, I’ll take that criticism. But to attack my character? Geez you must be a Doodie. And my record shows I shot a solid 2-4 classifiers per month about April till October, or whatever the months for I know well over 8 -10 years. Now i I haven’t looked it all up, but I’m confident in the numbers I cited and for you to say different? Geez. Shooting took a bac
  9. Now that’s some good stuff. As an open shooter, I’d strongly disagree with your assessment of the differences. Ill stick with “radically” different. Comps, weight, trigger, grips, rounds, It’s radically different. The dot? That’s a small % compared to the overall. But it’s such a huge physical difference, when you first see an open gun, it does stand out. I also don’t agree that everything about CO has been tried in open. 15 years, 10 years solid, shooting 2-4 matches a month in open from April to October. Hundreds of thousands
  10. Here, I think, is where we separate in ideas. And, it’s probably my poor ability to properly write what I am trying to express. I am not talking about bringing CO into Open. That is ridiculous and would result in a beat down if compared straight up. I’ll admit that Looking at some other results, maybe this year is a fluke. But I’m not ready to go there just yet,...it wasn’t just one good shooter shining on a grooved in platform. So, when it’s more than 1 doing it, even in just one match, maybe it’s something. Ymmv. I am saying that a CO gun is radically d
  11. Ahhh, that’s some things to think on. I was under the the impression that CO has been steadily gaining in popularity and as a result, creeping up the overalls since it’s debut. Better and better shooters are shooting it. So, seeing it win HOA, plus coupled with the fact that Max outshot his own Open times at the same match, set my wheels in motion. Basically seeing two different big names beating Open with it caused me to start the thread. Not sure I’m seeing much of an open gun difference in steel challenge when we are talking same caliber. Open st
  12. Ok. Thanks. Your input has been valuable. That’s good stuff.
  13. Whew! I got to say I missed this. Dang. That changes it a bit, but I’d still say CO is nipping at Opens butt. Thanks for posting that.
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