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  1. House project took up 2018 summer. Still working on it. Shooting never far from from my mind. I want to get back to shooting solid Master class or above. I have the easy part done.
  2. Well I did get to FT. Wayne today. 6 State level stages and they are only drawing 20-30 shooters a month. Which is sad. I shot SS Minor. Ended 5th out of 23. I had some minor issues, ammo related,...all on me and easily fixed. Basically I shot up some cast rounds that were loaded long. They caused some gun hiccups. i Barney’d a round using a mag that came with the gun. I did not get the mag seated. No round chambered. Imagine my surprise as the first shooter on our first stage and my first shot was the loudest CLICK I ever heard. I was discombobulated to say the least. I managed to turn a really cool 10 second cross-swinger type stage into 40 seconds of misery. it did gradually get better from stage to stage. So I can’t complain. I mean heck,... I do not practice. My reloads are glacial. My movement needs work. Transitions could be clocked with a sun dial. Blah blah blah. I HAD A BLAST!!!!! It was hot and tiring but I was on the range with some real good people. Thank you Corey and Ryan and all the set up crew at Ft. Wayne. What an outstanding and challenging match. If you are in Indiana and take USPSA seriously, this is a must go match. You are going to become a better shooter with this match as part of your monthly itinerary. This place should be rocking 40-50 shooters monthly.
  3. NRA was great. Saw some old friends and that was nice. Shot Warsaw. Gun and mages ran flawlessly. So much better than a year ago. Overall I was 11th out of 28 shooters. I won SS division shooting 9 minor. That was a surprise. I shot good points mostly. No mikes, no penalties. Shot a bit slow. Classifiers calc showed a solid 79% on classifier Six. Draw was glacial and I had one make up on the steel. Not it sure how much more I’ll be shooting. Maybe Ft. Wayne next, not sure. It it was fun. Good squad.
  4. Haven’t had a chance to dial anything in. The weather in Indiana has been crazy. When I wake up on April 19th to a dusting of snow I want to curse my Indiana settling ancestors. Rain and cold, cold and rain. Sold camper. Sold truck. Looking for different of each. NRA in Dallas coming up. That is always a fun trip. If if I ever get a nice day I’ll do some shooting and testing.
  5. Getting some failures to feed at 1.140. Dropped to 1.130 and lowered powder to 2.9gr Titegroup. PF at 134.5. Going to shoot and monitor next 100 or so and see if the few failures to feed go away. Magazines are dropping like par times in a Steve Anderson dryfire class. So, I’m very happy with the Dawson 1911 9mm mags.
  6. Mags and bullets arrived. Spent some of today dialing in my load. I’m shooting 9mm using SNS 147 grain “red” round nose bullets, 3.0 grains of Titegroup, OAL of 1.140, Winchester Small rifle primer and BK brass. Ran several groups of 5 through the chrono and I’m right at 137pf. I have added just a hair more crimp and will probably go out on OAL to 1.150, I’ll have to chrono again. I’d like about 133-135 Pf. Im almost there. I shot groups and posted a pic on facebook. Meh, 6 shot group in 2 strings of 3. Not bad, not great. All me. Ripped some berm drills looking at that front sight. More to come.....
  7. That actually kinda reinforces The point. Tell me, he shoots all glocks left, or just his? Look, the sight drift thing on Glocks is well documented on this forum. I had to drift the sight when I first started on Glocks. But over time that sight returned to middle of gun. It’s very common. I no longer shoot Glocks, strictly 1911 grip angle guns for me. But, I have a funny story of a guy ready to trash his Glocks because he couldn’t figure out how to press the trigger on one. Not that he knew that was the problem. His Glocks shot perfectly fine for me. YMMV.
  8. It bothers me you’d point shoot anything. You should have some awareness of sight relationship to the target, even on the first shot of a 3 yard paper target. Second, your grip should be refined enough that as you transition to the next target the sights stay lined up. The gun comes into your sight line for the next target and the sights should be pretty much aligned and your just breaking the shot and moving on based on your call. EYES, HEAD, GUN. EVERY TIME.
  9. Generally, for me, it’s easier to speed up the process than slow down the process. If all all things are considered and i can get the array with an easy set up and no shuffling,...Then I would engage the hard target first, ramping up the speed of shooting over the easier targets and leaving on an easy. YMMV
  10. The only advice I’d take right there^^^^^ This is more than common and well documented. Do what you want, but MemphisMechanic nailed this.
  11. Installed Dawson no gap Ice Magwell. Ordered more Dawson 1911 9mm magazines. Ordered a case of SNS 147 grain round nose red 9mm bullets. Bought 1 pound of Titegroup powder. Hopefully I’ll get this dialed in and record some base times on some standard drills. I’d like to shoot Atlanta Indiana’s first match on March 25th.
  12. Bought Dawson 1911 no gap ice magwell and another Dawson mag. Should rcv next week. Sold the Tripp magazines. Did not break even, lol. Lessons learned.
  13. Rcv’d the Dawson mag. No more issues. I think ill I’ll get the Dawson no gap ice magwell also.
  14. Here’s a link to where I’m at. I just don’t think the Tripp’s are going to get the job done. I have a 1 Dawson Mag ordered. No hurries, it’ll sort out soon enough.
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