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  1. It's in good shape right now. Mostly grass, grass gravel. most bays drain off well.
  2. Yes we found the missing score sheets and have reposted. Sorry and thanks for coming. Brent
  3. Just what I was thinking too!!!!
  4. appendix A2 is what we use.
  5. SOUTH CENTRAL GUN CLUB INC - IN18 ,1st Sunday WABASH VALLEY PRACTICAL PISTOL - IN04 3rd sunday EFFINGHAM COUNTY SPORTSMANS CLUB - IL14 2nd sunday All USPSA clubs and some do other things too.
  6. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=584 All kinds of stuff here. Mine was making a primmer catcher tube that go's in a can so you never empty that spent primmer cup again. I think thats in that the link too.
  7. Nice Job. You work really hard and come a long way sense we been shooting together!!! Now if you get your gun done you will be set. But look at all the ammo you saved this summer.
  8. Do you burn wood!!! might want to start at least till the tree is gone.
  9. Was two of the targets at the front of the stage stacked on top of each other were a 45 would could hit both targets with 1 shot? We have a club we visit that don't fallow rules well. They have lack of help so it is what it is. Some times we drive 2 hours the other way to shoot a club that fallows rules. Brent
  10. colt


    Giving you a hard time!! Sometimes other things have to get in the way of shooting.
  11. colt


    Why, is is already beating open shooters in production. Where were you hiding!! LOL
  12. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=8014&division=Revolver&guntype=Pistol
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