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  1. Hi! Could you tell me if for Production Optics - Cz Shadow 2, Romeo 3 XL will fit the same mount plate as Romeo1?
  2. Hi Rob. I m glad to see you here. Congratullation for you results. Also Alex Koussev from Sofia with the redback have won second place at 2019 Europen Handgun Championship - Production Optics Alex from Bucharest
  3. Vogel Dinamics for my G34
  4. I shoot Production at European IPSC 2019 with Shadow 2. Here I had 2-3 accidental pressed the magazine release button with my lefty - who stays very high, as for Glocks (I have big hands too). This was on the course of firing, and had cost me lots of seconds. With S2 the first hurry DA shot is very seldom an A. So I plan to shoot few training stages with G17 vs Shadow 2, trying to push myself with both as in the match time. I do that versus, for conventional drills and there is almost no difference between them. For self defense scenario and instinctive shooting Glock is a winner for me.
  5. Uomu

    X5 vs Glock 34

    G34 gen5 for me with some uograde....
  6. I ve just sold my Ghost rig for Cz Shadow 2 and I.m going to buy a CR WSM II vs DAA race master, due CR''s about 150$ lower price.
  7. Uomu

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    Thanks Hal, Cz and Lior for your detailed and friendlly answers. Yours answers conduct me to Shadow 2 OR. My actual Shadow 2 is a perfact machine ...about 10.000 rds through him and only very few stove piped malfunction inducted by my thumbs pressing on the slide. I hope OR will be the same as good as regular CZ. I made these days a versus at the range: Cz Shadow 2 factory sights and Glock 17 gen5 mos, insight 3 moa.... for Bill drill, El Presidente, Mozambic, 25 yards acuracy, metal plates and some lateral, backwards, forwards movement between the covers. Red dot win for me only for accu
  8. Uomu

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    I shoot IPSC Production with my Shadow 2. Due my age I wear glass for reading (+1.25 dioptree) and when there is not enough light or the targets are too far, I have some bad results ...... as a consequences of not seeing well the front sight. I m thinking that shooting in Production Optics with Shadow 2 will solve this issues. For this I will need a new pistol or only a new mounted plated. Here is prohibited milled the slide. So please tell me the diferences between the Shadow 2 Optical Ready and Shadow 2 regular with mounted plated for red dot. If I ll buy the Shadow OR will give me some
  9. I did not make a movie or foto for recoil compartion Alien vs Shadow, but for me it is quaite simillar with a litle edge for Alien. The cool factor is huge, but I ll keep my Shadow 2 untill the price will become lower. ... or other company will take this nice inovation and the price will going down. One of my friend (a succes businessman) have just orederd one just when see my pictures few months ago.... 5000$ plus documents and transport is almost 6000$. For these money better I ll invest in ammo for training and competition fee to participate at.
  10. I ve shoot with Alien pistol with red dot on the hot September training day, just before The 2019 European Handgun Championship - Serbia. I d like to thanks to my friend from Cehoslovacia - Alien Team, who have offered me this nice privilege. I like: high grip felling, trigger, perceived recoil - dot staying on the target, no malfunction. I dislike: the high price and that the frame become too warm around 100 rds of rapid shooting. In this short shooting session I could not be better shooter with Alien (even with red dot) vs. my Shadow 2 (with factory sights).... who I am used to and tra
  11. https://www.czub.cz/en/cz-p-10-optics-ready-tablet-delta-3800.html
  12. Could somebody tell me how P-10 OR, feels versus Glock MOS ? I have a G34 gen 5 MOS with Vortex Venom, but I allready sold it the red dot (due his poor quality and no keeping the zero after 3-400 rounds. So I plan to buy a P10 OR who it seeam is deeper miiled and I'll pair it with RMR 3.25.
  13. I have a Shadow 2 too and it ia almost as good as Tanfoglio xtreme. Maybe milled the rail way for light could signicantly reduce its weight.... but the gun will become so ugly/
  14. I shoot Beretta, then Glock for IDPA, self defense and on dutty. After retired from force I buy a Tanfoglio and then a CZ for IDPA. In 2018 I've returned to my G34 for competition. My CCW ia a G19 and it make sens to use the same platform for competition an self defense. Tanfoglio it was much faster for rapid shoots but I can acomodate with him to become my second nature as Glock 17. I plan to buy a G17 gen 5 for competition and self defense too.
  15. For me is no diference shooting G34 gen 4 or 5, but I fill up the gap of 5's, closing the magazine well. Shooting with mos vortex venom on 34 gen 5 is a rocket vs iron fiber optic sigts... more accuracy at higher speed.. at 10 yards the bullets bite te same holes.
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