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  1. Uomu


    TSO it ia a better pistol than TS2 entry level
  2. Uomu

    CZ TS 2

    CZ TS 2 presentation by Eric Grauffel
  3. Sorry for my delay, Glad to hear about you! I work hard, hoppng for the best results ...who I whish for you too.
  4. We practice sport no combat or horor house scenario where players shoot back with non lethal ammo. The same for IDPA, we shoot at 4-5 target grouped in the same area who is a practical non sense.Thanks for the good whishes too
  5. Drills VR has told me that they will release the 3Gun Nation in about 2 months.
    1. Uomu


      for others yous should give me an email or something like this

  6. I’ve just bought for my children a pair of Virtual Reality Glasses Oculus Quest 2 256 Gb. Due of lack of live competition in these bad times, I tried a VR game, but mostly of them are with Zombies and totally unrealistic. So I’ve started looking for something suitable for our dynamic shooting. That's how I found 3Gun Nation, but it's only for the Oculus Rift. Please tell me if you played something VR and if it was of any use for you? What games do you know that are suitable for Oculus Quest 2. https://www.drillsvr.com/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1006700/3Gun_Nation_VR/?fbclid
  7. That is right Schultz ......I would not use the average police officer as an example of a good shooter......... but some of my fellow are quite good. Anyway the training and tactics for police, self defense and competition are so diferent due theis objective (protect citizen, own survival and obtaining the best score) For sure red dot represent the future, beeing an advanced gear, and the company involve in this bussines will make them better. So I'll try to improve my dot shooting for the competition due your recomendations and train with iron or no sight for the other aspects.
  8. You recomend the RMR for CCW too. Here I find no use for sights or dot due 3-7 m distance where 90% of combat scenario will occur in acordance with FBI statistics. They find that majority of officers don t use sights at all and they are threat foused over the sights or dot. Who are interested I could send these documents.
  9. I was curious and I’ve made for 10 minutes dry fire (static and dynamic) with the yellow band on the red dot’s lens. From the beginning I saw the target through the yellow-colored lens and the red dot in the middle. I thought that one tape is not enough for cover the window and I put two. Extraordinary how our eyes could fool our brains or vice versa. I felt a little tired in my left eye so I remove the tape and continue dry fire another 10 minutes and the dot apear now to be more static. Thanks! That's how I eliminated the fact that I look at the dot and not at the target. At the
  10. I like very much the Yong Lee's Podcas becouse he adress the isues from competion and self defense too. Lot of true... in high stress arousal you will see only the threat nor the sights or dot.
  11. I ve just seen the video and I could say just Woawww! I ll coment after my first season of dry fire. I know him, he is moslly a Glock shooter I think from Canda. I m use to shoot without sight, indexing the pistol and looking along the barrel: strong hand only at 7-10m in A/C zone, pistol in concealement, no round chambered in 1.20s (best 0.95, worst 1.40). For 2 hands I'm slower with 0.20-03.s
  12. Thanks for these good advice. I think I'm waiting too much for the dot to become static and I have perception that the frame of red dot is limiting my field of view. I have normal sights who are bellow of my line og view. I think I'm focused on the threat but is apear that not quite good Are you carried for self defense pistols with red dot too? You know.... similar platform and sights for the same reflex Have you a link with these taped red dot? I can't understend how to focus on the target without seeing throught the window....maybe looking over the frame or keeping fra
  13. I shoot Cz Shadow 2 for IPSC, Glock 34 Gen 5 for IDPA and Glock 17 Gen 5 for self-defense. I’ve become a senior and the view of the sights is not so clear as few years ago (+1.5 diopter). I thought I could shoot better with red dot so I started to train with Shadow 2 OR, firstly in parallels with iron sights. Although I worked hard wit red dot (live and dry fire), I've rarely beat myself on the same stages or drills versus iron sights. I have no problem with griping or indexing the pistol. The dot appear fast in my field of view at the first shoot, transition or moving, but I can’t follow it i
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