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    Thanks for the pictures! I like the undercut in the front and above the trigerr, I dislike the inside joint between the funel and the frame. They adopt the S2 fram but heve keept theTSO release buton
  2. I had the same problems here on near indoor ranges, but finally I found a dedicated outdor shooting range at 40 km from my location. There you have to put some little target into the big one and shoot them..... from standing, knelling, transitions, etc..... if this is possible. Dry fire at home is a must, tring to replicate competion scenary.
  3. Shadow 2 for IPSC, Glock 34 for IDPA and Glock 17 for CCW.
  4. I don't like Sigs, but I could recommend you Shadow 2 OR or G17 Gen 5 FS MOS. For the same IPSC drills, I'm a just a liitle faster with Cz over Glock
  5. Supose I'll train myself with "the wanted 2500 or discount 3500 euro" Alien as much I've done with Shadow.... Alien will win. But even 2.500 euro is a lot of money for s new pistol, if I have one 95% as good.... Yeah 5% procent is a lot of score in competition, but is not my case. I've taken in consideration lots of others shooting expenses..... my annual ammo budget = max 3.000 euro. These money mean lots of level III competitions too. So for the moment, I keep shooting with Cz
  6. I shoot with Allien 3 magazine of ammo in rapid sequence.... in the IPSC training for IPSC European Championship. The gun is amaising ergonmomic and nice looking..... but didn t make me a better shooter vs me with my Shadow 2. This pistol it was becomme hotter much quikly as my Shadow, for the same amount of ammo and cadence. One of my friend has bought one in february for about 6.000 euro or 7.300 usd including travel expense. He have to go personallly in Cehia to buy one. I will also buy one, when the price for Alien will become maxim as two Shadow 2 ... 2x1.250 euro
  7. Lok Palm Swell Bogies for big hands:
  8. Uomu

    CZ TS 2

    This is my opinion too, but will see when will be released
  9. Uomu

    Cz 75 TS 2 series

    Never to late for such awesome nice gun. I ll read there details. Thanks
  10. Uomu

    Cz 75 TS 2 series

    Hi! Good news for those interested in Cz pistols ... which according to the NRA are around 36% for USPSA. Cz 75 TS 2 series has just been presented. At the first view, it is like as a Shadow 2 mixed with Tactical Sport. A number of improvements can be seen in the exploded images. Sometimes I ve scratched my hands in the *thumb rest [generic]* and safetey lever too of the Cz 75 Ts Orange.....and Shadow 2 have too thin grips for me. More info are below: https://www.czub.cz/en/firearms-and-products-family/cz-ts-2?fbclid=IwAR2zKm_JhK-uyOuPEfTSNtfGMTvXdT-lF3yZMo3ek2Aw1vYuNX
  11. I have G17 and G34 gen 5 FS MOS. For RDS 17, for iron sights 34. Overall 17
  12. Yes. I,ve done the same when I cut the factory coils, lot of testing...having the backup ones. Now I have the backup the factory disconector too. Is it work the price and the amount of work? I ve seen that my disconnector have the edges allready miiled from the factory, with chamfers on both sides. Should I polished these two or the edge in the middle of them?
  13. Hi sorry for my dellay but I've just exprimented some kind of these issues too. I've ve just bought from Cz EShop the sport disconnector with 82 euro for my Shadow 2. There are others on www, at half the of priece, but I try to avoid problems. This one is working fine in DA, but in SA is working only if I ve cocked with my thumb the hammer.... as in IPSC matches. If I rack the slide, the hammer didn't go down enough to hear the click. After 7-8 trigger's press, the hammer is released finally. I think the geometry of the disconnector are wrong interfering with the other spare parts
  14. I'm an IPSC sooter and I had 3MOA Vortex Venom, Docter III and Sightmarkt Mini on my Glocks. They didn't make me a faster shooter... versus myself with my Vogel iron sights.... even I'm wearing reading glases and the sights is not quite clear for me. So I ve just oredr a Venom in 6 MOA for my Shadow 2. I hope 6 MOA will be better for hitting faster the mini poppers, plates and swingers.
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