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  1. I used to use a DAA belt with some kydex adapters I made for ELS and it worked well but got a good deal on an ELS belt, added a ratchet and it's sturdy. Now I have a belt for 3gun and a belt for USPSA.
  2. No idea, but with the amount of scammers out there I have only been buying from reputable sites. FYI, midway has some CCI SPPs right now.
  3. I'd recommend the DAA or SC belt. You can get away with a cheaper holster and pouches on a good belt and they aren't super expensive.
  4. Yeah, they won't let you shoot the local match if you're late. Safety brief is 30 min prior to first shots and if you miss it you're not shooting.
  5. I have a T nut on the back side and in between the kydex I have one of those black rubber washers over the t nut. I then used a 1.25 set screw with locktite for both sides to lock it up.
  6. My stock gen 5 34 gave me 3 lb flat with Timney and dot connector.
  7. Which is why I'm scared to shoot a S2 because I know I'll be buying another gun then. I run my glocks just fine but I know they aren't the best option, just a cheap and good enough option.
  8. I had to lay my belt flat on a desk with the cr speed bracket over the edge and slowly push it on. That's the only way I've found where I can put enough pressure on it to get it to move. The first one is killer and gets easier after that. I have 4 on my belt.
  9. Thanks. I may have to order one then since it's in stock.
  10. I wonder if they just increased prices. It says $39 but when you select the type it shows $52. But it is free shipping over $50. Any insight into the quality? Was looking at whidden but they are out of stock.
  11. Yeah, but it's a complete PITA to get on. But once on they don't move.
  12. Don't overlook the franchi affinity 3, not much more in price but a lot closer in quality to an m2 and a lot of parts are direct swaps. MOA provides support and parts for the franchi as well. I started with a borrowed m3k and when they couldn't be found a few years ago I scooped up the franchi based on some YouTube reviews. Most the people I shoot with wish they knew about it before they picked up their m3ks/m3000s. I paid about $600 for mine and another $200 in moa parts and the thing just runs. I shoot 3gun and sporting clays with it.
  13. I used locktite on mine and it's holding fine. I used a post screw to a T nuts and it's been holding up fine.
  14. From the Dillon rep in discord, they source from California and Israel and the covid lockdowns have really hurt both areas and the quality has suffered as a result. I'm sure there are other suppliers but since all dies have been in demand I'm sure no one is taking on new products to make as they are likely already at capacity.
  15. Brownells is putting up primers again today
  16. I emailed as well, heard back saying new shoes should be released late July/august.
  17. A lot of primers came up today, Natchez, Brownells, midway all got some. I had 5k of CCI 450s in my cart but at 80/k shipped I didn't need them that bad.
  18. I'd agree. I'd probably even comp his fee to the next match.
  19. @Chills1994 that's pretty much where I'm at as well. Im a member of a game farm so my remaining shells will go to that. I do have an old mec handed down to me from a time it was cost effective to reload. I have enough lead and shot for like 100 rounds and plan to use that up as well. I've seen shells on midway and others but shipping usually makes it pretty expensive. I have like 5 boxes of 6s so I'm good for most the hunting season. Funny thing is, last fall when shotgun ammo was around and nothing else, they ran a fun 150 round shotgun only matches since people could find that still on the shelves.
  20. Just take an empty mag and go from your gun to where you want a mag pouch. Which way feels more natural/comfortable?
  21. Local matches have been mostly cancelled. From the guys I talk with, shotgun shells are the issue. Myself included, I can barely find any shotgun ammo and when I do it's not $10-12 a box. As someone who also shoots sporting clays and bird hunts, any and all shotgun ammo I have is reserved for that. I would much prefer a 2gun match at this point but others may not. So I've focused on USPSA this year and hopefully it gets better for ammo soon.
  22. Boombahs look like they are finally cleared out and aren't coming back. There have a couple of sizes left but are all small. I've been running some Teva hiking/running type hybrid shoe but the tread is wearing out.
  23. The reloading discord has a 3d printing channel with a lot of files there. I'm about to print one.
  24. I can't remember where I saw it but I know someone got confirmation from the powers the be that the trigger is legal.
  25. Dillon rep said they were sourcing carbide rings in Israel and covid severely impacted shipped and then the conflict made it worse. Rumor mill is they have been looking to source elsewhere and may have found a solution. But the backorders are still huge.
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