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  1. Bruno's has N320 now (June 1 2021) - 6 lbs. @ $288 and 8 lbs. at $375.
  2. Hey Bay City! We are down near Davison, and we sail out of Bay City. Where do you shoot in the area?
  3. Thanks Bill, I appreciate the heads up!
  4. Thanks George! We're about an hour due north of the Detroit city limits. Not a native so I get a kick out of the UM vs. MSU rivalries... and then there's the thing with the arch-enemy "The Ohio State". Makes for some good parties, that's for sure.
  5. Hello to all! Now that the weather is warming up here we are out and shooting. I've "messed with" firearms since I was a kid on the farm shooting woodchucks and hunting. I've only gotten into handguns and target rifle shooting in the last few years. I like to shoot steel and do the Steel Challenge when and where it's available in the area. I run a CZ TS Orange and a Shadow 2 Orange, and am breaking in a Sig P320 X5 Max. Because ammo is crazy $ these days we picked up some .22LR guns and they have been a blast. The cheap Taurus TX22 my wife got is awesome and so much fun I got a TX22 Competition and threw a red dot on it. It's a great shooter, too! We are fortunate to live in the country so we were able to put together a little range in the back yard. 11 acres of our own with a 50 acre field behind gives plenty of room. We'd love to have people over for a little fun if you'd like to sometime.
  6. Another new member from MI. Been lurking for a while and realized I should just join. @jt1207 You should also check out the Howell Gun Club. Really nice facilities and the people are, as you would expect, really nice and helpful. They also run different competitions like Steel Challenge. Welcome to MI! Are you here because of the university or ...?
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