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  1. 1.135 is what I run in Glocks. Using 1.150 might have you rubbing the tip of the bullet on the inside of the magazine and interfere with feeding.
  2. An undersized die for 9mm is the only way to go in my opinion. I got a Lee undersize 9mm die and now I do not have to worry about overall length changing. It provides more friction between the case and bullet, and works both ways: for 9mm major it keeps the bullets from creeping out of the case and also relieves any setback issues from feeding, etc. I have not experienced any negatives so far after A LOT of loaded rounds. My PCC works fine with reloads but it has a JP barrel which has a generous freebore to facilitate a range of overall lengths.
  3. I have gunsmith fit BarSto barrels in a G19 and a G34, and they shoot as well as any of my custom 1911's with a gunsmith fit barrel. If you get an oversize barrel fitted by a competent gunsmith, then the limiting accuracy factor is the barrel itself. In my G19 and G34 with gunsmith fit barrels, the pistols have been just as reliable as with the stock barrels. I did have the chambers slightly free-bored so that I could load ammo out to the magazine limit. I tried several semi-fit barrels, but they did not shoot much more accurately than stock. However, the accuracy variations were less with different ammo, meaning they were not as picky as to what they shot well compared to the stock barrel.
  4. Just ignore the lube groove. I have shot a lot of coated bullets with lube grooves. When coatings were first becoming popular, the bullet manufacturers were using their current moulds and just coating instead of lubing the bullets. They all worked great. Then, since there is no need for a lube groove on a coated bullet, moulds were made without grooves, and you can get those in the most popular calibers and masses. I have not noticed much of a difference between grooved and non grooved bullets, but if I want the most accuracy with the least amount of fuss, I still shoot jacketed bullets.
  5. I think there are a couple of things to consider. In steel challenge, the scenario is one shot per target; therefore, the difference between a production gun shooting sub minor and an open gun is mainly the red dot optic. So, putting a red dot on a production gun makes up most of the difference. In USPSA stages where double taps are the norm, a flat shooting open gun has more of an advantage. A red dot makes a huge difference, especially to us that are getting older!
  6. For carry, I have an aluminum officer frame with a 4 inch slide from SA in 9mm. I had some work done on it, and It has been perfectly reliable. I can shoot light target loads and 9mm+P with the same recoil spring. I also use a 38 Super recoil spring and shoot 9mm major in. I use the 125 g Speer GD made for the 357 Sig cartridge and load it long to a velocity of 1350 fps. I know we're not supposed to use reloads for carry; they are my "woods carry loads."
  7. Great job! Is that on the stock STI grip or did you add SiC or any epoxy to it before stippling?
  8. I load both PD and MG 124 g to 1.170 over all length for major. They both feed fine in MBX and Gen 2 STI mags. I have run the 115 g PD and MG at 1.145 at minor in steel challenge and they still feed fine in my 2011.
  9. I can use skate tape on my open gun, but on my limited gun it works loose after a while. I went with the DVC texture and am happy with that.
  10. Well said, MemphisMechanic; I think this is the real reason. Every limited shooter would have to get a new 9mm top end put on their guns to stay competitive. However, it would reduce ammo costs and simplify reloading chores.
  11. And why are we still forbidden to shoot 9mm major in Limited Division????
  12. I really miss the timely, reliable shipment of bullets back when UPS handled them all. I am waiting for a bullet shipment; It left the bullet maker April 19 and went through the Memphis, TN distribution center and got to Oxford, MS (my hometown) April 21. It sat there for four days, and now just went back to the Memphis, TN regional distribution center 75 miles away. Who knows why and when they might get back here, haha. Only a gov't granted monopoly could be that inefficient and still be in business.
  13. I used Hodgdon Clays for a long time and was happy with it. I switched to VV N310, and it it much cleaner and more accurate for me with 230g bullets.
  14. My brother got a Gen 5 and said the same thing. The rifling is very close to the chamber. I have had all my Glock barrels free bored so that I don't have to worry about over all length. If it fits in the Glock mag, it will chamber in my guns.
  15. I feel lazy, now. I only tumble brass with corn cob media until they are mostly clean and then put them in a plastic box and squirt Dillon spray lube on them. I immediately dump them in the case feeder without even letting them dry. I've loaded tens and tens of thousands of rounds like that and never had a squib. The only problem is an occasional backward primer in my practice rounds, but they don't ignite.
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