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  1. have to agree . After sticking with a glock long enough to master the trigger and grip , its hard to shoot anything as good
  2. Well its solved. Shot 2 guns ,both alloy commanders . The 9mm won me over . Shot both with +p and the 9mm is significantly softer shooting. Thanks for all the help !
  3. Thanks for all the input , going to shoot a light 38 super tomorrow and see how the hand feels.
  4. A alloy commander is easier to carry and 45 kills my hand.
  5. Thanks for the advice , thinking I'm going with 38 super thinking its got better mags available
  6. Don't shoot 45 anymore , hands are going . After 3 mag my hand hurts for the rest of the day
  7. Looking at getting a alloy frame commander 1911 single stack for carry . I think bullet performance is close enough. The most important thing on my list is reliability . So which caliber 9mm or 38super and which mags ?
  8. The rmr is stronger than the sro . Do agree that for carry its not needed.
  9. Thanks for the update . Trijicon said type 2 doesn't need the bubble sealing plate
  10. can give a call to Cajun custom , I think the old 85 style reducing overall length of trigger pull .
  11. talk to who your getting the safe from and they will try to sell you on how the front door is made and fire rating . Think about where you will place the safe . Mine is in a small room against 2 walls and bolted to the floor . Bottom line any safe can be compromised given time . don't think most home burglars carry proper tools either .
  12. Trijicon rmr with back up sights . I think more training has to go with the red dot .
  13. Might try changing front sight color or practice with a revolver a little . It makes you concentrate on the front sight more.
  14. I have a glock gen 5 / 17 and looking to tune it .Have found captured and non with adapter . which one would you go with and wolf or ism spring ? so far I found Jager ,golck meister , taran tact. ,glockstore Thanks for your input
  15. Thanks , gotta get a 13&15 guide rod
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