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Found 3 results

  1. I saw where Brazos 125 gr coated bullets with a lube groove were being reported to be more accurate. I ordered a sample pack to play with. My question is: What do I do with the lube groove? Just ignore it? Since it's a coated bullet, can't really see where I would need lube.
  2. Chapo

    9mm major

    Looking for the best recipe for a gen 4 g34. I am using this time hs6. I have all competition springs and a 13lbs recoil spring. Carver 4-port comp. looking for a flat experience. I am thinking about 6.4 grains and taking it from there? Thoughts from other g34 open shooters?
  3. I've been loading Montana Gold 124gr JHPs for a while now, and as noted elsewhere ( Various plated vs coated vs jacketed projectiles vs... ), am looking at other options to see if I can drop the cost of what seems to be spiraling upward prices on MGs and others. I've loaded some Berry's, Ranier, and Hornady FMJs previously, but none of them are really cost-competitive or a significant savings vs cases of MGs, while some of the Hi-Tek combos, if they work out, could drop my cost per round by 3c or so each, so fingers are crossed, and I've picked up a number of projectiles to give a 'shot.' I'm not a bullseye shooter, but doing 2-3 matches per month nearly year round between pistol and 3 gun matches. Latest gun is a Walther PPQ, which seems to have a chamber much like the CZ75 in that it's on the shorter side vs my Glock, so I've needed to load the MG 124gr JHPs down to 1.065". I have a good number of Xtremes in the mix, as I picked some up on their Thanksgiving 15% sale, and a few more recently during a 10% off sale. I'm hoping to see something work out in the Hi-Tek coated on hand (SNS and BBI), as the savings there is pretty decent, but we'll see how it goes. I didn't have a chrono the last time I loaded some Xtremes, and have never loaded any of the coated bullets before, which combined with relatively minimal (manufacturer) WSF load data, and my MG 124gr JHPs seeing ~1130-1150FPS w/4.9gr@1.065" (start of published charge data but nearly max published velocity), so am set to pretty much run the gamut of charges. For most of these, I loaded up around 20rds. I could have done it in less, but I want to make sure I get a good 10each across the chrono, and then 10x for accuracy (likely offhand) testing against 1-2 targets with one specific target per bullet/charge, without waiting for a cold range every 5 minutes. Loads to be tested(all projectiles checked for max OAL in my gun; the below is generally 1/100th" below max physical OAL, except the Xtreme Plated RNs could run beyond SAAMI Max) 125gr SNS coated @ 1.085", 4.1gr-4.6gr WSF 124gr Xtreme plated RN @1.15", 4.2-5.0gr WSF 124gr Xtreme plated HP @1.085", 4.2-4.6gr WSF 125gr BBI coated RNFP (kind of a rounded off FP) @1.08, 4.2-4.6gr WSF I've also got some Xtreme 124gr FP and 135gr RNFPs coming, although I'm not sure they'll make it in time. Looking for the usual, accurate and PF > 125... I'm expecting all to cycle, although possibly not on the lower charges of the Xtremes. Any feedback or comments on the loads, including 'unlikely to cycle' is welcome. If not, I'll update when I get to chrono and test them next weekend.
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