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  1. I'm with ya there.. ditched cable a year ago and haven't looked back...
  2. Thanks. I have an akai that was just re barrel’d in 38sc and about to start load development ...
  3. Are you running 38sc or 9major ?
  4. Local matches here are the same way.. within mins of post, they are near full... and then half them dont show...
  5. As an ro i would just repeat the command till i see unload and clear... its not a time crunch to reholster.. the others can wait on us... I'd rather be safe than sorry...
  6. Maybe one day I'll dive into a custom slide I do... Not bad pricing..
  7. THANKS.. I have this issue on an automated 1050.. never thought to snug it up...
  8. I have been debating getting one.. seems like they are super picky... Are they worth the investment?
  9. Not enough... usually 2xs a week and a match... but been waiting for my firearm to get finished so its been a bit...
  10. i need a deal on new brass.. starline never has deals...
  11. I have tumbled them as well, works for a bit...
  12. THANKS GUYS... Just going to shoot open... not worth spending the money on it to make requirements.
  13. WELCOME.. Look up NTXLF on face book~ North texas lead farmers.. were a large group of shooters in dfw.. You will see a few of us at all types of matches around here... and some of us shoot international ( I shoot IPSC)
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