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  1. I have a middy length open gun . Does it matter if I run a commander length or govt length recoil spring set up . I want to use a commander length set up so i don’t have to machine different comps to accept the govt length reverse plug. I don’t see any problem with the commander length since it is only .4 shorter . It was originally designed to run govt and I have converted to commander with only 2 coils cut off a standard Wolff spring . Please advise or comment if I have done this right or wrong? Thank you
  2. Have you sold the PT non agressive grip?

  3. Thank you for the weight info. How does the gun balance Iam assuming it’s nose heavy ? Please describe as Iam thinking this is my next open gun .
  4. How much does the Akai open gun weigh with tungsten sleeve barrel ?
  5. How well does the atlas chaos balance with the steel grip ? Is it neutral , hand heavy or nose heavy ? Thanks for any details
  6. With a custom gun you get to pick any option you can afford. I would go custom over any mass produced open gun. The difference is the gun is set up to a load, spring and weight they feel works their gun the best. I did the sti route and they don’t even come close to a full custom gun. If you want a set up to fit you out of the box ready to shoot by custom !
  7. 1/8 inch holes & 3/16 holes 8gr autocomp 115 Montana gold
  8. I can tell you holes work better than just a comp I have 5 -9major barrels all the same brand and all the same comp for the same open gun. No holes , 3 holes , 5 holes , 7 holes and three slots like magna porting ! The 7 hole barrel is super flat and loud and hits a little harder in the hand but no waiting on the dot to return from the top of the scope . But it's all a system that works for me and keeps the R.O. from crowding me. Also I own 14 different compensators that are being produced currently and I found what the right comp for my system.
  9. 3n38 11gr Montana gold 115gr with seven barrel holes really loud but the dot doesn't move at all and easy to shoot !
  10. Iam looking for supercomp data loaded with autocomp and 115 gr Montana golds ?? Starting load "OAL" and how many grains ?? Thanks for any info
  11. How long are you loading your ammo
  12. Shot all comps on the same gun using the same load at 15-18 yards then shot a two target bill drill. I did this with every comp bedell, three different akai comps , Mclearn, old and new cheely , three brazos comps and many others. Some worked ok on different open guns but through lots of testing the lone star was the most constant dot tracking !
  13. I own over twenty comps the best I've tested was the lone star innovations titanium comp. I shoot 124 gr In my 38 super comp with 4 barrel holes ! My dad shoots same comp in 9 major with bad arthritis and this helped him to continue to shoot major .
  14. Are you using spacers in the mags? load longer this helped all of my feeding issues !
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